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  • Donald Trump, Donald Trump, president trump and pm narendra modi s joint statement, Rose garden

    President Trump and PM Narendra Modi’s Joint Statement 2017-06-27 04:40:01

    The whole world had a keen eye on the White House when U.S. President Donald Trump termed India as a “true friend” and said that the relationship between two countries has never been stronger and better. On Prime Minister’s 5th...

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    Trump, Trump, trump to stop protests with tear gas on the white house protestors, Rose garden

    Trump to stop protests with tear gas on the White House protestors 2020-06-02 11:07:35

    With the raging lack of inefficiency on the government’s part in charging the accused officers and arresting them, protestors have come out on the streets in Minneapolis and other states in the US to charge for the justice for the...

    Keywords: US, tear gas, US, tear gas

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    Federal shutdown, Obama, u s shutdown throws millions out of work, Rose garden

    U.S shutdown throws millions out of work 2013-10-02 05:38:18

    It's the same old game - only the players have changed! In what can be dubbed as the supreme spending showdown in the last 17 years in the history of the U.S., the last shutdown being during the time of...

    Keywords: Obama, U.S shutdown throws millions out of work, Senate, Senate

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    US India news, Paris Climate Deal, trump slams india over paris climate deal, Rose garden

    Trump Slams India Over Paris Climate Deal 2017-06-03 05:26:19

    US President Donald Trump slams India with harsh words during a speech, justifying the United States step back from the Paris climate deal. President’s harsh words are within the boundary with his aggressive, pro-America jobs stance, and also he likely...

    Keywords: Paris Climate Deal, Paris Climate Deal, Trump Slams India With Harsh Words, US India news

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    United Nations, United Nations, palestinian flag rose for first time at united nations, Rose garden

    Palestinian flag rose for first time at United Nations 2015-10-01 09:26:43

    For the first time on Wednesday, the Palestinian flag was raised by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations with a promise to get it raised soon in the capital of Palestinian state, Jerusalem. It was termed as a...

    Keywords: Palestine, Palestine, United Nations, Holy See

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    us immigration news green card, trump new immigration plan, good news for indian green card aspirants trump to propose new immigration plan favoring merit based foreigners, Rose garden

    Good News for Indian Green Card Aspirants: Trump to Propose New Immigration Plan Favoring Merit-Based Foreigners 2019-05-16 04:12:39

    In a major relief to Indians residing in the United States, President Donald Trump is all set to announce a new proposal to overhaul the country’s immigration policy that would give preference to foreigners based on merit rather than the...

    Keywords: Indian green card aspirants, us immigration news green card, us immigration news green card, green card backlog

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