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    Over a Million People a Day Get Sexually Transmitted Infections: WHO 2019-06-08 12:02:42

    More than a million people every day across the world catch a sexually transmitted infection, with rates of gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and syphilis the most distressing, the World Health Organization said on Thursday.The majority of the infections are preventable and curable, but some diseases like gonorrhea...

    Keywords: sti, sexually transmitted infections journal, gonorrhea, World health organization

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    Modi government, safe use of social media, new school curriculum in india to include teachings about sex education, Reproductive health

    New School Curriculum in India to include teachings about Sex Education 2020-02-19 10:55:36

    The NDA government which is led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has developed a Health and Wellness Curriculum under which the school children will be taught the safe use of internet and social media, reproduction health, prevention of HIV...

    Keywords: curriculum, Modi government, sex education, internet

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    health, Bad habits, bad habits that you need to ditch in 2019, Reproductive health

    Bad Habits That You Need To Ditch In 2019 2019-11-01 06:55:21

    When it comes round to our habits, there are several things that we do wrong. Not only do these have direct impacts on our health, they have also been found to affect your well being in the long run. If...

    Keywords: Bad habits, health, 2019, Bad habits

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    alcohol intoxication levels, Quit Alcohol, quit alcohol for 28 days and notice these amazing things happen to your body, Reproductive health

    Quit Alcohol for 28 Days and Notice These Amazing Things Happen to Your Body 2019-04-22 06:37:44

    If you are a heavy drinker, you would have till now come across many people cautioning you about the hazard to life and urge to refrain from consuming alcohol. But, recklessly turning a deaf ear is the only thing an...

    Keywords: pupils in alcohol intoxication, Quitting Alcohol for 28 Days, alcohol intoxication icd 10, alcohol intoxication medscape

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    india, india, covid 19 to put 4 million girls at the risk of child marriage, Reproductive health

    Covid-19 to put 4 million girls at the risk of child marriage 2020-05-18 13:54:37

    Child marriage has been a global problem, India being one of the leading countries in that prospect. With the looming threat of the coronavirus pandemic, over four million girls are at a risk of child marriage in the coming two...

    Keywords: girls not bride, covid-19, afghanistan, covid-19

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    PM Modi, PM Modi, pm modi to launch covid 19 testing facilities in 3 cities, Reproductive health

    PM Modi to Launch COVID-19 Testing Facilities in 3 Cities 2020-07-28 06:03:05

    PM Modi will launch testing facilities/labs today to ramp up the testing process across the 3 cities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday, will launch new and high throughput testing labs in Noida, Kolkata and Mumbai to enable more COVID-19...

    Keywords: PM Modi, testing facilities, 3 cities, coronavirus

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