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  • masculinity, women, report women prefer men with beard over the clean shaven, Relationships

    Report: Women prefer men with beard over the clean-shaven 2020-02-20 13:21:47

    Here is a good news for all the hirsute men as the researches suggests that women find men who has facial hair as more trustworthy and sexually attractive when compared to the ones who have a clean- shaved face.The researches...

    Keywords: men, bearded men, relationship, masculinity

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    pessimism, relationship, how pessimism in a relationship negatively affects it, Relationships

    How pessimism in a relationship negatively affects it? 2020-03-31 14:38:09

    Relationships are hard, there is no doubt around it but if you are someone who is constantly noticing your relationship going down for the worse because of the negativity between you and your partner, it is time to make changes....

    Keywords: pessimism, toxic relationships, toxic relationships, pessimism

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    relationships, relationships, 6 signs that show you have fallen out of love, Relationships

    6 Signs That Show You Have Fallen Out Of Love 2020-01-29 06:55:59

    When it comes to a relationship, there are a number of factors that one needs to look after. It is not just being in love that tides you through. One of the most common struggles that couples face nowadays is...

    Keywords: partner, partner, relationships, relationships

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    New York, Ajit Pai, indian american international chamber of commerce opened in new york too, Relationships

    Indian American International Chamber of Commerce opened in New York too 2019-11-15 06:44:05

    With the consistent growth in the India-US strengthening relationships, it isn’t surprising that the Indian American International Chamber of Commerce opened up its New York regional chapter at the Consulate General of India recently.The event was attended by some of...

    Keywords: Ajit Pai, New York, IAICC, Ajit Pai

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    gay couple, homosexuality, shubh mangal zyada saavdhan trailer out a breakthrough for bollywood, Relationships

    Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan Trailer Out, a Breakthrough for Bollywood 2020-01-21 13:13:15

    The upcoming Indian bollywood movie Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, starring Ayushman Khurrana is themed on homosexuality and is the second installment in the series which has been started in 2017 with Shubh Mangal Saavdhan. The genre is said to be...

    Keywords: Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, homosexuality, gay couple, Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

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    love, love, simple ways to show love in a relationship without sparing a penny, Relationships

    Simple Ways To Show Love In A Relationship Without Sparing A Penny 2019-11-13 06:59:06

    When it comes to relationships, many people have this belief that it is always in the grand gestures that leave behind impactful memories. That is not always the case, actually. If you come to think of it, you will know...

    Keywords: Relationships, love, couples, Relationships

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