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  • Portland, fighting, trump supporters and protestors clash in portland 1 killed, Protestors

    Trump Supporters and Protestors clash in Portland, 1 Killed 2020-08-31 18:43:04

    One person was shot and killed on Saturday in Portland as Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter supporters clashed in the streets. Clashes erupted in Oregon, Portland after Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protestors went loggerheads on the streets....

    Keywords: fighting, Trump, Trump, clashes

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    government, blast, lebanon environment minister resigns in the wake of beirut explosion protests, Protestors

    Lebanon Environment Minister Resigns in the Wake of Beirut Explosion Protests 2020-08-10 13:15:29

    Earlier, Lebanese Information Minister Manan Abdel Samad announced her resignation after the protests triggered. Lebanese environment minister, Damianos Kattar has announced resignation from the post on Sunday in the wake of the deadly explosion that happened in Beirut and subsequent...

    Keywords: blast, blast, government, blast

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    New Jersey protests, New Jersey protests, protestors in new jersey hit the streets for legalization of marijuana, Protestors

    Protestors in New Jersey hit the streets for legalization of Marijuana 2020-07-18 15:12:22

    Activists in the state of New Jersey took to the streets to protest for the legalization of Marijuana in their state. Marijuana or smoking weed is illegal I most of the parts of world. In some parts of the world...

    Keywords: New Jersey protests, New Jersey protests, New Jersey protests, New Jersey protests

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    Chinese, London, pakistanis sing vande mataram alongside indians during anti china protests in london, Protestors

    Pakistanis sing “Vande Mataram” alongside Indians during anti-China protests in London 2020-07-14 04:54:53

    Pakistanis and Indians were seen protesting together in London on Saturday night outside Chinese embassy against China’s expansionist policies.India Pakistan’s unity is a rare sight to watch. Though there are border tensions between the two countries, London land has seen...

    Keywords: protest, India, London, India

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    counter-protests, Bethel, the black lives matters protests got ugly in bethel ohio, Protestors

    The Black Lives matters protests got ugly in Bethel, Ohio 2020-06-18 18:21:13

    A protest of 100 people had to deal with 700 heavily armed white counter protestors in the small town of Ohio called Bethel and it got very ugly. People also went on to call it a sad day for Bethel....

    Keywords: Black Lives matter protest, Ohio, counter-protests, counter-protests

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    Prime Minister, Beirut, entire lebanon government resigns in the wake of deadly beirut blasts, Protestors

    Entire Lebanon government resigns in the wake of deadly Beirut Blasts 2020-08-11 11:15:47

    Lebanese PM Hassan Diab stepped down from his role and announced resignation on Monday in the wake of the Beirut port explosion that triggered protests. At a time when protestors try to storm the parliament building of Lebanon demanding resignation...

    Keywords: Lebanon, Prime Minister, Beirut, Lebanon

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