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  • Amphan cyclone effect, Cyclone in West Bengal, cyclone amphan hits over west bengal and odisha 12 killed, Odisha

    Cyclone Amphan Hits Over West Bengal and Odisha-12 Killed 2020-05-21 06:39:03

    The cyclonic storm, Ampan reached both the states West Bengal and Odisha. The effect of the cyclone is devastating with the severe downpour and heavy winds. With the hit by the cyclone, 12 people were killed. Amphan shook away heavy...

    Keywords: Cyclone in West Bengal, Cyclone in West Bengal, Cyclone killed people, Cyclone in West Bengal

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    amphan, australian bushfires, bad tragedies that 2020 has brought along and it s not the end of the year, Odisha

    Bad tragedies that 2020 has brought along (and it’s not the end of the year) 2020-05-26 15:19:14

    While netizens have been flooding their social media platforms sharing memes surrounding the tragedy that 2020 has brought along, this year has done way more damage to humans than anything till date. The worse part of these hits is the...

    Keywords: australian bushfires, australian bushfires, amphan, amphan

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    Nisarga cyclone, weather forecasts, nisarga a first tropical cyclone to hit maharashtra according to indian meteorological department imd, Odisha

    Nisarga-A First Tropical Cyclone To Hit Maharashtra According To Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) 2020-06-01 11:09:20

    After the Amphan cyclone attacking Odisha and West Bengal, now it is forecasted another cyclone to hit Maharashtra. According to IMD, India would see a tropical cyclone- Nisarga. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) says, Nisarga is a low pressure space that...

    Keywords: weather forecasts, weather forecasts, Nisarga cyclone, weather forecasts

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    COVID-19 Lockdown, Migrant Workers Return Home, a historian ajay dandekar s analysis on handling reverse migration due to covid 19 lockdown, Odisha

    A Historian, Ajay Dandekar’s Analysis On Handling Reverse Migration Due To COVID-19 Lockdown 2020-05-21 15:57:33

    Anacademic, Ajay Dandekar, in one of his interviews with News18 estimates, there would be "massive economic and societal crisis” and structural changes with reverse migration as 14 crore migrant workers returned back to their homes during the lockdown. Dandekar is...

    Keywords: Ajay Dandekar’s Analysis, Ajay Dandekar’s Analysis, Ajay Dandekar’s Analysis, Migrant Workers Return Home

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    Ganjam District of Odisha, Footballer dies, naresh aula footballer dies in ganjam district of odisha 1st wife and family are shocked, Odisha

    Naresh Aula, Footballer dies In Ganjam District of Odisha, 1st Wife and Family Are Shocked 2020-06-15 11:05:23

    On 10th June, a well-known midfielder from Ganjam district of Odisha, passed away at a hospital in Silchar area of Assam. He played for the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and was only 34 years.Strangely, the Indian footballer’s family was...

    Keywords: Ganjam District of Odisha, Ganjam District of Odisha, 1st wife shocked, Footballer dies

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    Coronavirus deaths, Coronavirus Infections, coronavirus death rates are less but cases have increased after migrants moved, Odisha

    Coronavirus Death Rates Are Less But Cases Have Increased After Migrants Moved 2020-05-27 14:51:50

    On Tuesday, in India, there were around 145,380 coronavirus infections and a death toll of 4,167. Given that India is the second largely populated country in the world there is a complete possibility for cases to increase. Luckily, the country...

    Keywords: Indian Council of Medical Research, Coronavirus deaths, Indian Council of Medical Research, Migrant Workers

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