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  • Olympics, KBC, kbc 12 contestant couldn t answer this 12 5 lakh question can you, Odisha

    KBC 12 Contestant Couldn’t Answer This 12.5 lakh Question - Can You? 2020-12-08 05:20:16

    KBC 12 contestant, Anil Kumar from Bihar failed to answer the question for 12.5 lakhs. He quit the show without answering the question and took home a prize money of Rs. 6.40 lakh.The December7 episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati began...

    Keywords: question, KBC, game show, Olympics

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    mucormycosis breaking news, ICMR, all about black fungus found in indian coronavirus patients, Odisha

    All about Black Fungus found in Indian Coronavirus Patients 2021-05-14 08:09:47

    The new strain of coronavirus found in India is spreading at a fast pace. The scientists and the health experts warn that it is quite dangerous. The new worrying factor is that the Indians who recovered from coronavirus have spotted...

    Keywords: mucormycosis latest, mucormycosis latest, mucormycosis health news, India

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    Cyclone Yaas news, Cyclone Yaas rescue, cyclone yaas makes a landfall in odisha, Odisha

    Cyclone Yaas makes a landfall in Odisha 2021-05-26 09:16:32

    Cyclone Yaas which is named as the powerful cyclone in the recent times made a landfall in the eastern part of the country as per the weather sources. The winds gusted at 140 mph and it took a landfall in...

    Keywords: Cyclone Yaas latest news, Cyclone Yaas rescue, Cyclone Yaas landfall, Cyclone Yaas wind

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    Bharat Biotech breaking news, Suchitra Ella breaking news, 50 bharat biotech employees tested positive for coronavirus, Odisha

    50 Bharat Biotech employees tested positive for Coronavirus 2021-05-13 08:29:07

    Bharat Biotech developed a vaccine for coronavirus named Covaxin and the manufacturing process is happening at a fast pace to meet the demand in the country. The pharma giant has been receiving backlash in some of the states. Bharat Biotech...

    Keywords: Bharat Biotech vaccines, Bharat Biotech breaking news, Bharat Biotech news, Bharat Biotech criticism

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    Delta plus Coronavirus, Delta plus, delta plus variant spreading fast in india, Odisha

    Delta Plus Variant Spreading Fast In India 2021-06-26 05:41:57

    Several Health Experts say that the Delta Plus variant is the most dangerous mutant found in coronavirus and it is highly transmissible. A week after it is traced in India, the government now announced that it is found in 174...

    Keywords: Delta plus, Delta plus severity, Delta plus in India, Delta plus variant

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    coronavirus vaccines Covaxin, Covaxin, why is india late to the table in buying vaccines, Odisha

    Why is India 'Late to the Table' in buying vaccines? 2021-05-24 07:24:19

    Though India is presented and named as the biggest manufacturer of vaccinations, there is a huge shortage of vaccines all over. The process of mass vaccination is delayed by months. Several people who received their first dose of coronavirus vaccination...

    Keywords: coronavirus vaccines in India, coronavirus vaccines stocks, coronavirus vaccines doses, Coronavirus

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