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  • Long Covid symptoms duration, Long Covid symptoms, depression and loneliness may increase the risk of long covid, Obesity

    Depression And Loneliness May Increase The Risk Of Long Covid 2022-09-19 13:06:26

    The cases of coronavirus have seen a huge decline across the globe. The deaths and the intensity of virus has come down which turned out to be a relief. A new study told that a person who is going through...

    Keywords: Long Covid researchers, Long Covid news, Long Covid news, Long Covid symptoms

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    2021, 2021, 21 ways to stay healthy in 2021, Obesity

    21 Ways To Stay Healthy In 2021 2021-01-02 10:29:58

    It is a new year. Start off this new year by changing your lifestyle and switching to a better life. Say no to the unhealthy and wanted and be happy this year, despite the fact that we are in a...

    Keywords: lifestyle, healthy living, lifestyle, lifestyle

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    Overactive Bladder news, Overactive Bladder updates, here are some warning signs of an overactive bladder, Obesity

    Here are Some Warning Signs of an Overactive Bladder 2022-03-22 10:48:08

    Some of the people are tired of frequent urination and this is a warning sign of overactive bladder and it should not be ignored. The bladder is an important organ to make your life smoother and its functioning is important...

    Keywords: Overactive Bladder disadvantages, Overactive Bladder prevention, Overactive Bladder disadvantages, Overactive Bladder breaking news

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    workout at time of Menopause, Menopause complications, wellbeing of women at menopause, Obesity

    Wellbeing of Women at Menopause 2023-08-22 18:00:57

    One more toughest task for any woman to come through is Menopause and mostly task is to come through the time of transition. Menopause, is a nightmare for many, where for any woman periods will be permanently stopped. Usually, it...

    Keywords: Menopause complications, workout at time of Menopause, woman Menopause, Menopause tips

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    Fatty Liver doctors, Fatty Liver cure, dangers of fatty liver, Obesity

    Dangers of Fatty Liver 2024-04-18 09:09:20

    Fatty liver disease used to be a disease of the middle-aged and elderly, but now it is increasingly being diagnosed in younger people. In the early stages, there are few visible signs or symptoms. If the disease is not treated...

    Keywords: Fatty Liver symptoms, Fatty Liver, Fatty Liver symptoms, Fatty Liver problems

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    Third wave of coronavirus dates, Third wave of coronavirus impact, how to protect your children from covid 19, Obesity

    How to protect your children from Covid-19 2021-06-30 06:55:29

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic left scares across the globe. It is clear that the Covid-19 is here to stay. After we are done with the second wave of coronavirus, the experts warned of a possible third wave of coronavirus from...

    Keywords: Coronavirus in children, Coronavirus India latest updates, Third wave of coronavirus news, Third wave of coronavirus children

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