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  • Iran, airlines, govt of india has temporarily suspended carriers from iran, Ntr

    Govt Of India Has Temporarily Suspended Carriers From Iran 2020-02-28 12:25:37

    India has suspended the carriers of Iran temporarily from flying due to the rapid outbreak of coronavirus in Iran. However, no airlines from India have their carriers to Iran while two airline from Tehran named Iran Air and Mahan Air...

    Keywords: COVID-19, COVID-19, India, Iran

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    Tim Cook, Apple, apple to open its first store in india in 2021 tim cook, Ntr

    Apple to open its First Store in India in 2021: Tim Cook 2020-02-27 13:40:04

    Tim Cook who is the Chief Executive Officer of Apple has said to the share holders that the brand is set to open its first branded retail store in India. He has mentioned that the retail store would be opened...

    Keywords: Apple, Tim Cook, iPhone, iPhone

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    United States, India, india to attend the signing of us taliban deal of landmark peace, Ntr

    India to attend the signing of US- Taliban deal of landmark peace 2020-02-28 06:03:26

    The peace deal between the United States and the Afghan Taliban in Doha on Saturday will be attended by the Indian Ambassador to Qatar, as said by the official sources on Thursday.This deal is said to allow for the withdrawal...

    Keywords: India, India, Doha, Taliban

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    communal riot, Citizenship Amendment Act, delhi violence death toll rose to 42 says the hospital authorities, Ntr

    Delhi Violence: Death Toll Rose To 42, Says The Hospital Authorities 2020-02-28 10:47:13

    The national capital has witnessed violence in the North-east part of the city where the protest has started with the groups of supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act and the groups which are against the citizenship law which had gradually...

    Keywords: Citizenship Amendment Act, north-east Delhi, north-east Delhi, Citizenship Amendment Act

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    Women’s T20 World Cup, semi- finals, india beat new zealand to enter the women s t20 semi finals, Ntr

    India Beat New Zealand to enter the Women’s T20 Semi-finals 2020-02-28 04:29:20

    India has stepped into the semi finals of the women’s T20 World Cup on Thursday after the team has beat New Zealand with Shefali Verma’s 34- ball 46 followed by a superlative performance from the bowlers had helped the team...

    Keywords: Women’s T20 World Cup, semi- finals, Women’s T20 World Cup, semi- finals

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    COVID- 19, COVID- 19, coronavirus spread puts india on high alert, Ntr

    Coronavirus Spread Puts India On High Alert 2020-02-28 12:19:36

    While the novel coronavirus which is named as COVID- 19 is spreading from China at an alarming rate all across the globe, the country India is said to be appearing at higher risk because of the existence of dense population...

    Keywords: China, China, China, COVID- 19

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