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  • covid-19, covid-19, two dose covid 19 vaccine to be trialed by j j, Nso

    Two-dose Covid-19 Vaccine To Be Trialed By J&J 2020-11-16 05:41:39

    On Monday, Johnson and Johnson would test a two-dose covid-19 vaccine with 1000 volunteers participating in the study.Scientists leading the UK trial have said that across 17 sites, there would be 30,000 participants and they are planning on recruiting 6000...

    Keywords: Two-dose covid-19 vaccine, covid-19, covid-19, Johnson and Johnson

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    RDT, RDT, what s the 15 min covid test when can india get it, Nso

    What's the 15-min COVID test, when can India get it? 2020-10-09 12:43:30

    How effective are the 15 minute COVID tests and when can India get access to them? In early October, the WHO said that it would make available to the world some of the effective and affordable COVID-19 tests for the...

    Keywords: India, RDT, WHO, coronavirus

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    Oxford University, COVID-19 Vaccine, vaccine trial participant of johnson and johnson falls sick trial on hold, Nso

    Vaccine Trial Participant Of Johnson and Johnson Falls Sick, Trial On Hold 2020-10-13 10:53:20

    On Monday, Johnson and Johnson put its COVID-19 vaccine trials on hold as one of the participants has fallen sick due to an unexplained illness. The company’s safety physicians along with an independent data and safety monitoring board are reviewing...

    Keywords: Oxford University, Oxford University, COVID-19 Vaccine, COVID-19 Vaccine

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    Twitter, Google, google facebook and twitter alarm to leave pakistan over new rules, Nso

    Google, Facebook and Twitter Alarm To Leave Pakistan Over New Rules 2020-11-21 08:46:17

    After the Pakistan Government allowed blanket authorization to censor digital content that focused on cutting down the freedom of expression in the conservative Islamic nation, Internet and technology companies, have threatened to leave Pakistan.Thursday’s admonition from Asia Internet Coalition, which...

    Keywords: Facebook, Google, Facebook, Google

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    BCCI, BCCI, bcci declares mpl sports as official kit sponsor for indian cricket team, Nso

    BCCI Declares MPL Sports As Official Kit Sponsor for Indian Cricket Team 2020-11-17 09:06:04

    BCCI and MPL sports signed a three-year agreement that begins from November 2020 to December 2023.MPL Sports’ association with the BCCI begins with India’s tour of Australia, 2020-21 wherein team India would be sporting the New Jersey’s. On Tuesday, The...

    Keywords: MPL Sports, Indian Cricket Team, Indian Cricket Team, BCCI

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    Union Government, Education Scheme, education scheme of 5 718 crore cleared by centre, Nso

    Education Scheme Of 5,718 Crore Cleared By Centre 2020-10-14 13:39:20

    On Wednesday, the Union Government initiated a centrally sponsored scheme of 5,718 crore to improve education outcomes with the World Bank in 6 States. Further, they announced that a similar programme would be rolled out in five other States too....

    Keywords: World Bank, new education policy, Education Scheme, World Bank

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