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  • NRI, Revenue Minister of Punjab, nri s initiative to solve stubble burning concern in punjab, Nri

    NRI’s Initiative To Solve Stubble Burning Concern In Punjab 2019-11-09 09:50:29

    Dr. Chiranjeev Kathuria, a Sikh NRI takes interest to work on the stubble burning problem in Punjab by investing in a mega-project that will help generate power.The Revenue Minister of Punjab, Gurpreet Singh Kangar gained confidence in Kathuria as he...

    Keywords: NRI, Chiranjeev Kathuria, Revenue Minister of Punjab, NRI

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    Indian Women’s hockey team, Indian Women’s hockey team, indian women s hockey team qualify for the tokyo olympics, Nri

    Indian Women's Hockey Team Qualify For The Tokyo Olympics 2019-11-04 05:58:51

    Following the first FIH qualifier round, India was in the lead against US Women’s hockey team with the score of 5-1. While everyone around thought it would be easier for the Indian team to seal their position in the Tokyo...

    Keywords: US team, Tokyo Olympics, Rani rampal, US team

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    Rajya Sabha, Narendra Modi, modi addressing the 250th parliament winter session, Nri

    Modi Addressing The 250th Parliament Winter Session 2019-11-18 09:42:23

    The opposition seeks to put the Government in a spot with regard to the situation in Kashmir. DMK, MP’s from the Congress and the National Conference spoke against the instability in Kashmir for over 100 days after making the law...

    Keywords: Parliament, Winter session, Winter session, Narendra Modi

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    Private medical colleges, Private medical colleges, nri management quota fees to be showed as income by private medical colleges, Nri

    NRI, Management Quota Fees To Be Showed As Income By Private Medical Colleges 2019-10-15 07:55:42

    With the rising rate of corruption with the college fees, especially in the private medical colleges, the administration is working to bringing in transparency to the same. The Fees Regulating Authority (FRA) has turned down the proposition made by the...

    Keywords: fees, NRI, Management quota, Management quota

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    Pink Hoysala, Pink Hoysala, pink hoysala used by male cops to collect bribes, Nri

    Pink Hoysala used by male cops to collect bribes 2019-12-11 06:39:46

    As the safety of women is being concerned over few days after the veterinary doctors issue in Hyderabad, an NRI (Non Resident Indian) and three of his friends decided to follow the movement Pink Hoysala that has been setup for...

    Keywords: Pink Hoysala, suspended, bribes, bribes

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    NRI, Sanitation, nri sponsors 480 units of bio toilets to the government schools in telangana, Nri

    NRI Sponsors 480 Units Of Bio-Toilets To The Government Schools In Telangana 2019-10-21 08:53:10

    Sanitation and hygiene has been one of the most talked about problems in the government schools in the rural villages in India. The lack of proper hygiene is often one of the reasons that prevent the students from coming back...

    Keywords: Bio-toilets, school education department, NRI, Hygiene

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