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  • journalist, poonam joshi saving Indian flag, watch journalist jumps into violent protest to save indian tricolor, Indian origin

    Watch: Journalist Jumps into Violent Protest to Save Indian Tricolor 2019-08-19 05:56:33

    An Indian origin journalist is being acclaimed as a shining example of a patriotic after she valiantly saved Indian flag from getting ripped and battered. A video of Poonam Joshi that has gone viral shows her darting into the middle...

    Keywords: poonam joshi, journalist saving Indian flag, poonam joshi, poonam joshi saving Indian flag

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    binge drinking harms women, binge drinking harms women more than men, how binge drinking harms women more than men, Indian origin

    How Binge Drinking Harms Women More Than men 2019-08-21 05:12:50

    The consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period is turning up as a significant contributor to liver injury and is more damaging to women, according to a research team led by an Indian origin. During the study...

    Keywords: how binge drinking harms liver, binge drinking harms women, how binge drinking harms liver, binge drinking harms women

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    gurtej Sandhu, Indian origin gurtej sandhu, meet indian origin gurtej sandhu the biggest indian inventor alive, Indian origin

    Meet Indian Origin Gurtej Sandhu, the Biggest Indian Inventor Alive 2019-08-22 11:47:34

    An Indian origin scientist Gurtej Sandhu of Boise, Idaho in the United States has received nearly 1,300 patents, outdoing inventor Thomas Edison who died with 1,084 patents to his name.  Born in London to Indian parents, the 58-year-old Sandhu is seventh...

    Keywords: biggest Indian inventor, gurtej Sandhu, Sandhu, Gurtej Sandhu patents

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    TrulyIndianBurger, mcdonald's, trulyindianburger know indian origin of mcdonald s burgers, Indian origin

    #TrulyIndianBurger: Know Indian Origin of McDonald’s Burgers 2019-08-14 12:09:30

    The master franchise of McDonald's in West and South India, in an attempt bust the myth of people considering it as ‘western brand’ and create awareness about the sourcing story and Indian origin of McDonald’s, has brought the fascinating story...

    Keywords: mcdonalds near me, mcdonalds near me, mcdonalds delivery, McDonald’s Burgers

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    Modi’s visit to UAE, UAE, indians in uae thrilled by modi s visit to the country, Indian origin

    Indians in UAE Thrilled by Modi’s Visit to the Country 2019-08-20 12:31:06

    The announcement of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United Arab Emirates this weekend is exciting Indian expats, despite him not holding a public meeting this time, which many NRIs were hoping for. Narendra Modi is scheduled to...

    Keywords: Modi in UAE, Modi in UAE, NARENDRA Modi in abu dhabi, UAE

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    dubai duty free, Indians in UAE, beyond grateful indian woman on winning 1 million dubai lottery, Indian origin

    ‘Beyond Grateful’: Indian Woman on Winning $1 Million Dubai Lottery 2019-08-21 06:53:14

    A 34-year-old Indian origin woman in the United Arab Emirates has won a whopping USD 1 million in a raffle in Dubai on Tuesday after picking ticket number 4111, which happens to be her flat number. Another Indian has won a...

    Keywords: Indian winning in dubai duty free, Beejal O, beejal winning dubai duty free, beejal winning dubai duty free

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