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  • Neil A Weinrib, 2020, indian it s h 1b visa faces further restrictions in 2020, Immigration

    Indian IT’s H-1B Visa Faces Further Restrictions in 2020 2020-01-03 06:44:42

    Grant of work visas by the US may be delayed in the year 2020 which results in the suffering of the Indian IT industry. The delay might occur due to the lack of clarity in the registration process which will...

    Keywords: H 1-B visas, immigration, immigration, 2020

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    OCI card provisions, John F Kennedy airport, ignorant to oci card provisions leads to indian americans being stranded, Immigration

    Ignorant to Oci Card Provisions Leads to Indian-Americans being Stranded 2019-12-23 07:35:12

    Around 16 Indian-Americans experienced miserable moments at the John F Kennedy airport on Sunday as they were not carrying their old passports along with the new passport and the valid OCI card. The Indian-Americans are said headed to New Delhi...

    Keywords: John F Kennedy airport, Indian-Americans, Chakravorty, OCI card provisions

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    Microsoft, Pete Landrum, nasscom third biggest tech lobbyist in the us in 2019, Immigration

    Nasscom- third biggest tech lobbyist in the US in 2019 2019-12-26 05:02:55

    The research that was done by group found out that Nasscom which is an IT industry body stood as the third biggest spender on lobbying on immigration and advocacy in the US in 2019. Topping the list was Microsoft...

    Keywords: lobbying, John Engler, Microsoft, Nasscom

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    Congresswoman, Indo-US, us congresswoman pramila jayapal irritant in indo us ties, Immigration

    US Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal irritant in Indo-US ties 2019-12-28 05:21:19

    Pramila Jayapal, an Indian-origin Congresswoman leads the Left-liberals in US polity which turned out to be a challenge for Delhi. She represents a faction of the Democratic Party along with lawmakers Rashida Tlaib and Somalian-origin Ilhan Omar which could be...

    Keywords: Indo-US, Pramila Jayapal, Indo-US, Congresswoman

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    CAA protest, Kochi, norwegian woman asked to leave india for taking part in anti caa protest, Immigration

    Norwegian woman asked to leave India for taking part in anti-CAA protest 2019-12-27 10:10:41

    Norwegian woman was asked to leave India for he participation in the anti-CAA protest which was organized in Kochi. Janne- Mette Johansson (71) was asked to leave India by the immigration officials on Friday as she has participated in an...

    Keywords: CAA protest, Kochi, Kochi, CAA protest

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    German student, IIT-Madras, german student asked to leave for joining the student protests, Immigration

    German student asked to leave for joining the student protests 2019-12-24 12:20:20

    A German student named Jakob Lindenthal was asked to leave India as he participated in the protests against Citizenship Amendment Act. The students of IIT Madras assembled in the IIT campus at the Gajendra circle and carried out a march...

    Keywords: ChintaBAR, German student, ChintaBAR, German student

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