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  • Indian businessman, Nem Chand Jain, indian businessman dies of heart attack in uae during his first holiday abroad, Heart attack

    Indian Businessman Dies of Heart Attack in UAE During his First Holiday Abroad 2020-01-09 07:31:09

    Nem Chand Jain, an Indian businessman, has died of cardiac failure in his first trip abroad, based on a media report.The 61-year-old businessman being accompanied by his wife Rosy who were hailing from Punjab had come to Dubai on January...

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    india, mortality, india experiences reduced mortality rate amidst lockdown, Heart attack

    India experiences reduced mortality rate amidst lockdown 2020-04-28 06:21:45

    While the entire world was struggling with the unforeseen pandemic taking a drastic toll on the country, India acted fast to help stagger the growth in the number of cases. The authorities acted swiftly and impose immediate lockdown, putting over...

    Keywords: mortality, india, india, mortality

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    symptoms, dermatological symptoms, dermatological symptoms could be a sign for covid 19 infection, Heart attack

    Dermatological symptoms could be a sign for Covid-19 infection 2020-04-13 09:42:06

    While the researchers, doctors and even the common people are aware of the extremities of the coronavirus symptoms, it is likely that there could be more. The common signs of dry cough, breathing difficulties and fever have been reported as...

    Keywords: dermatological symptoms, symptoms, covid-19, covid-19

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    stress, stress, stress relief from laughter not a joke, Heart attack

    Stress Relief from Laughter- Not a Joke 2019-12-23 12:20:25

    A day with no laughter is a day wasted. The most powerful medicine and is free of cost is being ignored. A genuine laugh with a friend or co-worker can brighten your day no matter how low you feel. Five...

    Keywords: stress, heart health, laughter, heart health

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    star cast, films, 7 unreleased films that were studded with the biggest star cast, Heart attack

    7 Unreleased films that were studded with the biggest star-cast 2020-04-29 07:56:19

    There are films that big it big in the box office with a super famous star cast and there are films which do just fine without a big star cast. And, finally, there are some which have a big star...

    Keywords: films, films, films, unreleased films

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    sex life, love and sex, what your sex life says about your heart health, Heart attack

    What Your Sex Life Says About Your Heart Health 2019-09-24 09:55:40

    The foremost fear regarding intimacy for most people, especially men, who have heart disease is being scared that having sexual activity can cause a heart attack or other heart-related illness. It is a long-standing fact that your sexual life tells...

    Keywords: sex life, heart health and sex life, sex life, heart health and sex life

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