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  • women longevity, men die sooner than women, 6 reasons men die sooner than women, Healthy food

    6 Reasons Men Die Sooner Than Women 2019-09-18 05:03:32

    Men have shorter life expectancy than women in most nations around the world. It is said that women outlive men at least ten years. In Australia, an average baby boy born in 2016 could expect to live to 80, while...

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    White Bread, Pringles, teen goes blind after surviving on french fries pringles white bread, Healthy food

    Teen Goes Blind After Surviving on French Fries, Pringles, White Bread 2019-09-05 06:24:07

    Youngsters these days are extremely hooked on junk foodstuff. Despite knowing its ill-effects, most people are craving for unhealthy foodstuff to satisfy their hunger. A teenager in the United States crosses all his limits in gobbling junk food. The boy,...

    Keywords: teen turns blind due to junk food, teen goes blind, teen goes blind because of junk food, teen turns blind due to junk food

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    National fast food day, National fast food day, on national fast food day pledge to not eat it anymore, Healthy food

    On National Fast Food Day, Pledge to not eat it anymore 2019-11-16 06:54:50

    We live in a world where health has become part of the trends. We rarely do focus on our health and the main culprit behind the same is often caused because of the raging demand of fast food. The greasy...

    Keywords: weight gain, weight gain, heart, weight gain

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    fast food and heart attack cases, food for heart attack patients, fast food availability linked with more heart attack cases, Healthy food

    Fast Food Availability Linked with More Heart Attack Cases 2019-08-13 12:23:57

    Eating fast food is not good for health and we are all familiar with it. Now, the researchers, including an Indian origin, have found something bizarre.  According to a study, the areas with a higher number of fast food outlets...

    Keywords: food for heart attack patients, foods to avoid with heart disease, fast food availability, fast food availability

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    how to hate junk food, how to stop eating junk food at night, 7 ways to stop craving for junk food, Healthy food

    7 Ways to Stop Craving for Junk Food 2019-08-28 08:55:35

    The yearning to lose weight and craving for unhealthy or junk food consistently goes hand in hand. The craving for junk foods is stronger than the normal drive and that craving is the only reason why people have problems losing...

    Keywords: craving for junk food, how to stop eating junk food reddit, snacks to curb cravings, junk food craving

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    yazemeenah rossi grandchildren, yasmina rossi 2018, this 63 year old model share her secrets to graceful aging, Healthy food

    This 63-Year-Old Model Share Her Secrets to Graceful Aging 2019-08-30 07:26:10

    “Age is something doesn’t exist” for this 63-year-old model named Yazemeenah Rossi. This swimsuit model is a tangible example of healthy, wholesome living and one which you might find some value in. Yazemeenah’s stunning long silver hair is one thing...

    Keywords: yazemeenah beauty secrets, yasmina rossi 2018, yazemeenah beauty secrets, yazemeenah beauty secrets

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