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  • protests, protests, farmers intensify protests over passing of new farm bills, Food

    Farmers Intensify Protests Over Passing Of New Farm Bills 2020-09-25 10:52:58

    Modi and some of the ministers defended the bills by saying that this move would allow farmers to sell their products to institutional buyers like Walmart. Indian farmers have intensified the protests over three bills as they believe that these...

    Keywords: Congress, protests, farm bills, farmers' organizations

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    winter, winter, india pushes tonnes of supplies to lac ahead of winter, Food

    India pushes tonnes of supplies to LAC ahead of Winter 2020-09-16 13:21:18

    India’s military has activated all its logistic network to transport supplies to the border areas of Ladakh for the upcoming harsh winter. India’s one of the biggest military exercises which was held recently has brought vast quantities of ammunition, equipment,...

    Keywords: winter, transport, Indian military, Ladakh

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    Haryana, Haryana, centre orders immediate procurement of paddy rice in punjab amid protests, Food

    Centre Orders Immediate Procurement of Paddy/Rice in Punjab Amid Protests 2020-09-26 13:32:11

    The Kharif marketing season for the session 2020-21 is all set to begin in the coming weeks in all the procuring states but the Centre asked the Punjab government to start procuring from Saturday itself. In the wake of farmers’...

    Keywords: farm bills, central government, Kharif, Kharif

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    Pangong, Ladakh, china plays punjabi songs for indian troops in finger 4 area of lac, Food

    China plays Punjabi songs for Indian troops in Finger 4 area of LAC 2020-09-17 11:18:38

    China’s psychological tactics: Chinese troops set up loudspeakers at the finger 4 area to relieve the pressure. The finger 4 area near the LAC lies in the Pangong lake area where the Chinese troops are dwelling for a long time....

    Keywords: Ladakh, Indian troops, Chinese troops, Ladakh

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    properties, anti-bacteria, is consuming tea linked to immunity, Food

    Is Consuming Tea Linked To Immunity? 2020-09-25 15:19:07

    Of course, herbal teas are good for you, but do you know which one’s increase your immunity? Teas are the major indulgence to many of the Asians for centuries. This is because teas have the capability of natural immunity building....

    Keywords: properties, herbs, tea, chamomile tea

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    asthma, coffee, 5 foods that help you deal with inflammatory diseases, Food

    5 Foods that Help you Deal with Inflammatory Diseases 2020-09-26 09:57:00

    Inflammatory diseases include asthma, allergy, autoimmune disease, and others that basically cause inflammation inside the body. Inflammatory diseases cause inflammation in some or the other part of the body and proper diagnosis and treatment is required for treating them. Moreover,...

    Keywords: foods, asthma, coffee, asthma

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