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  • 118, 118, tollywood blockbusters of 2019, Feelings

    Tollywood Blockbusters of 2019 2019-12-31 10:08:27

    The year 2019 has come to its end and the review of the blockbusters in this year is a must. So here it is presenting the Tollywood hits in the year 2019.1. Maharshi:                        (Image source from: movie has...

    Keywords: 118, Chitralahari, blockbusters, Majili

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    office, sickness, a plant in your office can help in preventing sick days says experts, Feelings

    A Plant in your Office can Help in Preventing Sick Days, says Experts 2019-12-27 12:47:02

    Researchers have found that filling your work place with plants can reduce stress levels and can help in preventing sick days.The health gets affected as there is poor ventilation and from the chemicals that have been used in the office...

    Keywords: ecology, plants, stress, plants

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    relationship tips, how to make him regret taking you for granted, 6 signs that your partner is taking you for granted, Feelings

    6 Signs That Your Partner Is Taking You for Granted 2019-09-17 12:16:46

    Mutual respect and appreciation are key for a happy relationship. But if it is a one-sided thing where one person puts all the effort for a relationship to be healthy and satisfying, it could mean major trouble sooner or later...

    Keywords: relationship tips, fear of being taken for granted, fear of being taken for granted, signs your girlfriend is taking advantage of you

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    relationships, partner, 6 signs that show you have fallen out of love, Feelings

    6 Signs That Show You Have Fallen Out Of Love 2020-01-29 06:55:59

    When it comes to a relationship, there are a number of factors that one needs to look after. It is not just being in love that tides you through. One of the most common struggles that couples face nowadays is...

    Keywords: fallen out of love, relationships, fallen out of love, partner

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    Mahatma Gandhi, Upasana Kamineni, upasana kamineni expresses hurt via instagram post to pm narendra modi, Feelings

    Upasana Kamineni Expresses Hurt Via Instagram Post To PM Narendra Modi 2019-10-21 12:20:19

    With the outburst of the popular #ChangeWithin initiative recently conducted on October 19th, 2019 in the presence of PM Narendra Modi, popular entrepreneur and socialite Upasana Kamineni, Ram Charan’s wife, took to her Instagram account to show her disappointment regarding...

    Keywords: Upasana Kamineni, PM Narendra Modi, Ram Charan, #ChangeWithin

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    2020, Mental health, boost your mental health in 2020 with these tips, Feelings

    Boost Your Mental Health In 2020 With These Tips 2020-01-07 07:16:37

    With the constant highlight into physical health and the need to have a better body, we often tend to avoid focusing on our mental health which is just as important. If you have been struggling with your mental health, trying...

    Keywords: Mental health, 2020, Mental health, 2020

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