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  • Dunki budget, Dunki release news, srk s dunki to be high on violence, Dunki

    SRK's Dunki to be high on Violence 2023-12-19 17:51:45

    In just two days, Shah Rukh Khan's Dunki will be pitted against Prabhas' Salaar, with Salaar releasing on December 22nd and Dunki hitting theaters on December 21st. The recently released action trailer for Salaar has generated a tremendous response, earning...

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    Dunki, Shah Rukh Khan, dunki movie review rating story cast and crew, Dunki

    Dunki Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew 2023-12-21 13:16:44

    Rajkumar Hirani has carved a special place in the hearts of moviegoers with his unique storytelling that evokes deep emotions. He is a director who captivates audiences with his compelling narratives, without relying on flashy dialogue or visual effects. Now,...

    Keywords: Boman Irani, Dunki, Boman Irani, Dunki

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    Shah Rukh Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, srk is the only actor in top 30 list of 100 most powerful indians of 2024, Dunki

    SRK is the only actor in top 30 List of 100 Most Powerful Indians of 2024 2024-03-02 12:29:57

    Shah Rukh Khan's influence and power are once again evident with the release of the List of 100 Most Powerful Indians of 2024. Standing alone as the sole actor/film personality in the top 30, Shah Rukh Khan's impact goes far...

    Keywords: Shah Rukh Khan breaking, Shah Rukh Khan 100 Most Powerful Indians of 2024, Shah Rukh Khan updates, 100 Most Powerful Indians of 2024 breaking

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    Salaar, Salaar, pvr and inox degrading act on salaar, Dunki

    PVR and INOX degrading act on Salaar 2023-12-27 13:22:32

    There was a tiff between the makers of Salaar and the national multiplex chain PVR INOX. The issue was resolved in the last minute and the bookings for the same were opened. In a sudden surprise, a lot of Hindi...

    Keywords: PVR and INOX on Salaar, PVR and INOX breaking news, PVR and INOX new updates, PVR and INOX breaking

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    SRK, Shah Rukh Khan thriller, shah rukh khan to work with vishal bharadwaj, Dunki

    Shah Rukh Khan to work with Vishal Bharadwaj? 2024-01-10 09:14:12

    In 2023, Shah Rukh Khan emerged as the dominant force in Bollywood, captivating audiences with his performances in the films Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki, all of which turned out to be box office successes. Currently, his latest release, Dunki, continues...

    Keywords: Shah Rukh Khan 2024 films, Shah Rukh Khan thriller, Shah Rukh Khan news, SRK

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    Shah Rukh Khan, Jawan, shah rukh khan s next from march 2024, Dunki

    Shah Rukh Khan's next from March 2024? 2023-12-23 07:50:23

    Shah Rukh Khan's latest film, Dunki, has achieved remarkable success, following in the footsteps of his previous hits, Pathaan and Jawan. The movie has garnered rave reviews from both viewers and critics, making a strong impact at the box office....

    Keywords: Shah Rukh Khan lineup, Shah Rukh Khan breaking news, Shah Rukh Khan breaking updates, Pathaan

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