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  • diet tips, diet tips, 7 worst diet tips that you should stop believing in right away, Diet plan

    7 Worst Diet Tips That You Should Stop Believing in Right Away 2019-05-03 10:45:34

    The worst thing about being on diet is tips that you hear from every Tom, Dick, and Harry while some makes sense there are some that don’t make a pinch of practicality at least. Nevertheless, there are quite a lot...

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    vegan diet plan weight loss, vegan recipes, 6 healthy tips for vegan beginners, Diet plan

    6 Healthy Tips for Vegan Beginners 2019-07-09 11:54:04

    Though the idea of going vegan seems as easy as ABC and great in theory, it not in every way easy. A vegan diet can be hard to start because you don’t eat what you generally eat, but the bigger...

    Keywords: vegan for beginners book, what is a vegetarian diet, vegan diet foods, vegan diet plan weight loss

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    boy survives on junk food, surviving on french fries, teen goes blind after surviving on french fries pringles white bread, Diet plan

    Teen Goes Blind After Surviving on French Fries, Pringles, White Bread 2019-09-05 06:24:07

    Youngsters these days are extremely hooked on junk foodstuff. Despite knowing its ill-effects, most people are craving for unhealthy foodstuff to satisfy their hunger. A teenager in the United States crosses all his limits in gobbling junk food. The boy,...

    Keywords: health and fitness, White Bread, teen goes blind because of junk food, teen goes blind

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    Weight loss, Low carb, know everything about ketogenic diet, Diet plan

    Know everything about Ketogenic Diet 2019-04-19 07:03:38

    A high fat diet and a low carb diet. Sounds fascinating, right? With the booming Instagram trends being dominated by the ketogenic diet plans, knowing about it is a must right now. Not just for the ongoing trends, giving this...

    Keywords: Diet, Weight loss, Diet, Ketogenic diet

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    exercise, insulin, working out before breakfast has better health impacts study suggests, Diet plan

    Working Out Before Breakfast Has Better Health Impacts, Study Suggests 2019-10-21 08:47:20

    When it comes to exercising, people do have a settled confusion of when is the right time to do it. With so many options skirting around, it is possible that you can start with your routine anytime of the day....

    Keywords: exercise, heart disease, heart disease, heart disease

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    hindus in new zealand, hindus in new zealand, hindu man in new zealand eats beef mislabeled lamb reaches store to fund purification trip to india, Diet plan

    Hindu Man in New Zealand Eats Beef Mislabeled Lamb, Reaches Store to Fund Purification Trip to India 2019-03-13 06:48:46

    An Indian origin Hindu man in New Zealand is fighting a David vs Goliath battle against a local supermarket after he ended up eating beef because of a mistake made by the store. Jaswinder Paul, who moved to New Zealand...

    Keywords: Hindu Man in New Zealand, hindu diet plan, hindu eat beef punishment, beef eating in mahabharata

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