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  • India, climate change, increase in deaths due to cold in india and bangladesh, Climate change

    Increase in Deaths due to Cold in India and Bangladesh 2020-01-03 09:37:43

    The western and Northern India experience the second coldest weather in 119 years and has lead to dense fog. At six people were killed where as many parts of the country were disrupted which includes the capital New Delhi.Six people...

    Keywords: India, Delhi, Delhi, climate change

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    Swaraj Island, Long Island, first ever water aerodromes to get started in andaman and nicobar islands, Climate change

    First-ever Water Aerodromes to get Started in Andaman and Nicobar Islands 2020-01-09 11:47:41

    The first ever aerodromes can be found in Andaman in near time. The reports say that the Airports Authority of India(AAI) is planning for aerodromes in the Swaraj Island, Shaheed Island and Long Island the estimated total investment would be...

    Keywords: Shaheed Island, aerodromes, Long Island, aerodromes

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    Michael Bloomberg, United States, michael bloomberg exists 2020 presidential campaign and endorses joe biden, Climate change

    Michael Bloomberg exists 2020 Presidential Campaign and endorses Joe Biden 2020-03-05 06:49:52

    The billionaire Michael Bloomberg has ended his bid for the nomination of the Democratic president on Wednesday and has also endorsed Joe Biden who is the former Vice President.Michael Bloomberg has announced his departure from the race for the Democratic...

    Keywords: United States, United States, United States, Democratic presidential campaign

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    recycle, earth, what can you do to save earth, Climate change

    What can you do to save Earth? 2020-04-23 09:04:36

    The world celebrated the “World Earth Day” yesterday on April 22, 2020. While there is not just one day that you need to think of your planet, this is a good start to fight against the constant issues of climate...

    Keywords: recycle, sustainable, planet, planet

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    carbon, science-based targets, india stands fifth among the countries with commitments to sbt, Climate change

    India Stands Fifth Among the Countries with Commitments to SBT 2020-01-20 13:15:25

    “A Non profit” has released a report on Monday which stated that India has ranked 5th among the countries that have been surveyed for the corporate commitments to the science-based targets.The report says that betterment in the disclosure of climate...

    Keywords: climate change, climate change, India, science-based targets

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    Abdulla Shahid, Raisina Dialogue 2020, foreign minister abdulla shahid concludes his visit to india, Climate change

    Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid Concludes his Visit to India 2020-01-18 07:35:49

    A visit to India has been concluded by Abdulla Shahid, the Minister of Foreign Affairs on January 15 at the Raisina Dialogue 2020. In his speech, he delivered a keynote address on the climatic change.The threats faced due to change...

    Keywords: Raisina Dialogue 2020, Abdulla Shahid, Abdulla Shahid, Abdulla Shahid

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