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  • United Nations High Commissioner, Citizenship Amendment Act, india brushes aside un rights chief s remarks as internal matters over caa talks, Citizenship amendment act

    India brushes aside UN Rights Chief’s remarks as "Internal Matters" over CAA talks 2020-03-03 12:52:56

    An intervention has been filed in the Supreme Court by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act and has informed the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva regarding the same, as said by the...

    Keywords: Citizenship Amendment Act, Supreme Court, Supreme Court, Citizenship Amendment Act

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    Bihar, Bihar, bihar becomes first nda ruled state to adop anti nrc resolution, Citizenship amendment act

    Bihar becomes first NDA-ruled State to Adop Anti-NRC Resolution 2020-02-26 09:06:20

    A resolution has been passed by the Bihar assembly which said that it would stick to the old National Population register (NPR) pro forma and would adopt only the transgender column from the new format which has been recommended by...

    Keywords: Bihar, Bihar, National Register of Citizens, National Register of Citizens

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    supreme court, Shaheen Bagh, public places should not be blocked during protests sc, Citizenship amendment act

    Public places should not be blocked during protests: SC 2020-10-07 15:09:13

    The Supreme Court said that there can be peaceful protests but the public places cannot be blocked. The Supreme Court on Wednesday said that even though peaceful protests are a democratic right, the public spaces cannot be blocked for the...

    Keywords: apex court, national capital, supreme court, supreme court

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    communal riot, communal riot, delhi violence death toll rose to 42 says the hospital authorities, Citizenship amendment act

    Delhi Violence: Death Toll Rose To 42, Says The Hospital Authorities 2020-02-28 10:47:13

    The national capital has witnessed violence in the North-east part of the city where the protest has started with the groups of supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act and the groups which are against the citizenship law which had gradually...

    Keywords: north-east Delhi, Citizenship Amendment Act, Citizenship Amendment Act, Delhi violence

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    Delhi, Citizenship Amendment Act, number of deaths in delhi violence flared up to 32 with over 250 injured, Citizenship amendment act

    Number of Deaths in Delhi Violence Flared up to 32 with over 250 Injured 2020-02-27 06:31:47

    The capital city Delhi has been shattered with communal clashes and riots from the past four days and it has been recorded that the number of casualties due to the large- scale mob violence has increased up to 32 on...

    Keywords: Citizenship Amendment Act, Citizenship Amendment Act, Citizenship Amendment Act, communal clash

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    covid-19, amphan, bad tragedies that 2020 has brought along and it s not the end of the year, Citizenship amendment act

    Bad tragedies that 2020 has brought along (and it’s not the end of the year) 2020-05-26 15:19:14

    While netizens have been flooding their social media platforms sharing memes surrounding the tragedy that 2020 has brought along, this year has done way more damage to humans than anything till date. The worse part of these hits is the...

    Keywords: australian bushfires, 2020, amphan, covid-19

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