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  • caregivers, virus, how to look after someone with covid 19 at home, Cigarette

    How to look after someone with COVID-19 at home? 2020-08-25 14:51:38

    Coronavirus has infected almost half of the world, but do you know how to take care of your loved ones at home if they get infected with COVID-19? If anyone at your home tests positive for COVID-19 and does not...

    Keywords: masks, masks, masks, patient

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    Wings Of Hope, Indian American, indian american twins honored with everyday young hero by youth service america, Cigarette

    Indian American Twins Honored with ‘Everyday Young Hero’ by Youth Service America 2020-01-18 05:55:50

    The Indian American twins are striving hard to spread the knowledge of the disastrous side effects that are caused due to consumption of drugs, smoking and vaping.Seventeen-year-old Indian American twins from New York were recognized with the ‘Everyday Young Hero’...

    Keywords: twins, twins, Everyday Young hero, Youth Service America

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    tobacco, non-smokers, smoking cigarettes can lead to poor mental health, Cigarette

    Smoking cigarettes can lead to poor mental health 2020-01-09 11:33:43

    “Smoking is injurious to health”, is what we get to hear but does that make it clear that health together includes both physical and mental health? Researchers have found out that smoking not only affects the physical health but it...

    Keywords: cigarettes, research, cigarettes, depression

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    tumours, tumours, bollywood actor sanjay dutt diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer what happens in stage 3, Cigarette

    Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer, What happens in Stage 3? 2020-08-12 13:03:43

    Diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, Sanjay Dutt will soon be flying to the US for treatment by taking break from films. Yesterday, the veteran Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt wrote a cryptic note on Instagram saying that he is taking...

    Keywords: Sanjay Dutt, Sanjay Dutt, lung cancer, lung cancer

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    ammonium nitrate, chemicals, scientists explain what may have caused the beirut explosion, Cigarette

    Scientists Explain What May Have Caused the Beirut Explosion 2020-08-06 13:52:12

    At least 135 people were dead and 5000 others were injured after two blasts ripped apart the city of Beirut on Tuesday. Though the official reason for the blast is unknown, scientists have explained what may have led to the...

    Keywords: ammonium nitrate, explosion, explosion, explosion

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    festival of merrymaking, festival of merrymaking, celebrating festival of thanksgiving, Cigarette

    Celebrating Festival of Thanksgiving! 2019-11-26 06:36:54

    Thanksgiving is a special holiday for us Americans. The word brings memories of family reunions, with an ideal amount of food to eat along with our near and dear ones. The very first Thanksgiving in 1621 was held to celebrate...

    Keywords: festival of merrymaking, Festival of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving day and the holy Christmas celebrations, Festival of Thanksgiving

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