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    Narendra Modi shines at BRICS summit 2014-07-16 04:43:18

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi proved himself to be a great leader at the BRICS summit in Brazil. He was full of smiles all through the summit and he had reasons to be happy. India would hold the post of first...

    Keywords: BRICS summit, Xi Jinping, Jacob Zuma and Dilma Rousseff, BRICS summit

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    India in BRICS, KV Kamath as BRICS bank chief, kv kamath first chief of brics bank, Brics bank

    KV Kamath, first chief of BRICS Bank 2015-05-11 11:52:52

    The New Development Bank (often represented as BRICS bank) has got first chief from India, ICICI Bank non-executive chairman and Infosys chairman KV Kamath, India will hold the presidency for the first six years. The members of the BRICS bank...

    Keywords: Developing countries, KV Kamath as BRICS bank chief, New Development Bank first head KV Kamath, KV Kamath as BRICS bank chief

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