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  • Visit Bharat by 2047, Narendra Modi promises, new doors open for girls modi, Bjp

    New Doors Open For Girls: Modi 2023-09-27 09:32:19

    On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a gathering virtually after distributing appointment letters to over 51,000 new appointees in different government sectors and departments. Modi said that the new women’s reservation bill passed in the new parliament building will...

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    Indian on Moon, Chandrayaan 3, first indian will land on moon by 2040 narendra modi, Bjp

    First Indian Will Land On Moon By 2040: Narendra Modi 2023-10-18 07:38:48

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set an ambitious goal for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He said India will establish an Indian Space Station by 2035 and will send the first Indian to the Moon by 2040. Narendra Modi...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, co-founder of Skyroot Aerospace, ISRO-Human Mission, Narendra Modi - Human Mission

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    Narendra Modi Garba video latest, Narendra Modi Deepfake videos, narendra modi about his deepfake video on garba, Bjp

    Narendra Modi about his Deepfake Video on Garba 2023-11-18 06:54:13

    On Friday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised worries about the abuse of artificial intelligence to produce deepfakes, in the wake of a video that purported to be of him doing Garba, being circulated by both his supporters and opponents....

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    International Society for Krishna Consciousness - ISKCON, cow sluaghters, menaka gandhi s controversial statements on iskcon, Bjp

    Menaka Gandhi's Controversial Statements on Iskcon 2023-09-28 05:07:54

    Former Union Minister and BJP leader Menaka Gandhi came out with a shocking accusation on the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON), she calls it as the biggest cheat in India. She alleged that ISKON sells cows from their Gaushalas...

    Keywords: Anantapur gaushala, ISKCON Gaushala, cow butchers, International Society for Krishna Consciousness - ISKCON

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    Vijaya Varahi Yatra, Varun Tej, three weeks break for pawan kalyan s varahi yatra, Bjp

    Three Weeks Break for Pawan Kalyan's Varahi Yatra 2023-10-09 14:09:58

    Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has recently started his fourth phase of Varahi Vijaya Yatra in Krishna district. Now the actor-turned-politician is going on a temporary break, which is for three weeks. According to sources, Pawan Kalyan is reported going to...

    Keywords: Varun Tej wedding in Italy, varahi Vijaya Yatra, Varun Tej-Lavanya Tripathi news, varahi Vijaya Yatra break

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    Cannabis cultivation, Cannabis cultivation news, himachal pradesh to legalize cannabis cultivation, Bjp

    Himachal Pradesh To Legalize Cannabis Cultivation 2023-10-03 14:24:32

    To increase the revenue of the state, Himachal Pradesh is considering to legalise the cultivation of cannabis. The mountain regions including Kullu, Chamba, Sirmaur, Shimla, Mandi and Kangra of Himachal Pradesh cultivate a type of cannabis. Since 1980 cultivation of...

    Keywords: Cannabis cultivation news, Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh - Cannabis cultivation

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