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  • Indian American, twins, indian american twins honored with everyday young hero by youth service america, Addiction

    Indian American Twins Honored with ‘Everyday Young Hero’ by Youth Service America 2020-01-18 05:55:50

    The Indian American twins are striving hard to spread the knowledge of the disastrous side effects that are caused due to consumption of drugs, smoking and vaping.Seventeen-year-old Indian American twins from New York were recognized with the ‘Everyday Young Hero’...

    Keywords: vaping, Everyday Young hero, twins, Wings Of Hope

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    selfie addiction, people who hate selfies, this woman hate selfies so she decides to click pictures of herself lying dead all around the world, Addiction

    This Woman Hate Selfies, so She Decides to Click Pictures of Herself “Lying Dead” All Around the World 2019-07-19 11:58:26

    Who doesn’t love to click selfies? Moreover, this craze has been continuing for quite some time now especially among millennials. It has been estimated that more or less a million selfies are clicked each day. Pictures remain as a source...

    Keywords: Stephanie Leigh Rose, people who hate selfies, Stephanie Leigh Rose, selfie addiction

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    social media addiction, social media stress, social media stress leads to social media addiction study, Addiction

    Social Media Stress Leads to Social Media Addiction: Study 2019-08-29 11:53:18

    To tackle stress, social media users jump from one platform to another which may further lead to the risk of becoming more and more addicted to such platforms, says a new study co-conducted by Indian origin professor. Social media platforms...

    Keywords: stress, social media stress, social media stress, social media addiction

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    Relax, Relax, 5 mantras to be happy with little things in life, Addiction

    5 Mantras To Be Happy With Little Things In Life! 2020-02-25 08:43:03

    ‘Happiness is not attained, every bit of it is felt and treasured’Lately, if you’ve been dwelling in lost and incomplete spaces in your mind, it is a sure sign that you’ve forgotten how to be happy. Firstly, stay eased out!...

    Keywords: Appreciate, Relax, Relax, Laughing

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    Pain Treating Herbal Supplement, herbal supplements, this pain treating herbal supplement is not safe for use, Addiction

    This Pain Treating Herbal Supplement Is Not Safe for Use 2019-07-10 07:39:31

    The herb 'kratom', which is more and more being used to treat pain and opioid addiction, is not safe for use, a study revealed. The researchers from the Binghamton University, in the study published in the journal Pharmacotherapy, observed that...

    Keywords: health and fitness, kratom, health and fitness, lifestyle

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    honor killing, lockdown, the dangers of quarantine and lockdown forced marriages, Addiction

    The Dangers of Quarantine and Lockdown: Forced Marriages 2020-06-10 14:13:16

    Ever since the lockdown, the tally of forced marriages have been increasing dramatically, involving several women and even children, who have been forced to marry against their will. But, such forced marriages come with a lot of consequences – the...

    Keywords: honor killing, quarantine, quarantine, honor killing

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