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  • sunscreen, skin, how to pamper your skin for a highlighter like glow, Acts

    How to Pamper your Skin for a Highlighter-like Glow? 2020-09-29 11:45:52

    Drink a lot of water, you’ll see the difference in your skin within a week. Say goodbye to chemical highlighters and follow these 5 tips for a glossy skin. Every woman craves for a healthy-looking skin but sometimes the factors...

    Keywords: toner, water, lemon, lemon

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    beta testers, beta testers, rule applies whatsapp to ask for a chat message proof on a reported contact, Acts

    Rule Applies : Whatsapp To Ask For A Chat Message Proof On A Reported Contact 2020-11-05 07:14:10

    Whatsapp is testing yet another useful feature that would ask a user to share recent chat messages on reported accounts. This feature is live on Android version of the app. It is for the beta testers to watch the feature live....

    Keywords: IOS testers, beta testers, Feature on Android version, IOS testers

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    chamomile tea, herbs, is consuming tea linked to immunity, Acts

    Is Consuming Tea Linked To Immunity? 2020-09-25 15:19:07

    Of course, herbal teas are good for you, but do you know which one’s increase your immunity? Teas are the major indulgence to many of the Asians for centuries. This is because teas have the capability of natural immunity building....

    Keywords: tea, tea, chamomile tea, anti-bacteria

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    Vibha Garba Raas Night 2020, Vibha Garba Raas Night 2020, vibha garba raas night 2020, Acts

    Vibha Garba Raas Night 2020 2020-10-17 02:18:43

    Vibha Garba Raas Night 2020This session is led by Srilakshmi Nagolu. Srilakshmi is an avid dancer who has been trained in classical and Bollywood dance.  Her passion for dance has led her to study with many teachers in the Dallas...

    Keywords: Vibha Garba Raas Night 2020, Vibha Garba Raas Night 2020, Vibha Garba Raas Night 2020, Vibha Garba Raas Night 2020

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    COVID-19 recovered patients, symptoms, covid 19 recovery 10 things you must do after getting discharged from hospital, Acts

    COVID-19 Recovery: 10 Things you must do after getting Discharged from Hospital 2020-09-23 10:22:16

    Some of the patients recovered from COVID-19 infection are reporting oxygen saturation levels after the discharge from the hospital. The novel coronavirus is known to attack the endothelial cells that result in blood clotting. Research suggests that the patients recovered...

    Keywords: COVID-19 recovered patients, hypertension, symptoms, COVID-19 recovered patients

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    Coronavirus Active Cases In India, Coronavirus Active Cases In India, drastic improvement in india s coronavirus cases with only 5 61 908 active cases now, Acts

    Drastic Improvement In India’s Coronavirus Cases With Only 5,61,908 Active Cases Now 2020-11-02 06:28:34

    According to the data from Union Health Ministry, on Sunday there were 47,231 new Covid cases with a total of 82,29,313 cases and 496 fatalities pushing the death toll to 1,22,607. So, as of now there are only 5,61,908 active...

    Keywords: World Health Organization, Satyendar Jain, Indian Journal of Medical Research, Satyendar Jain

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