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December 17, 2013 14:21
Men and women vary in sex regrets

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A recent study has revealed that men and women have different regrets when it comes to sex. Greatest regret of men is that they didn't have sex with more people while women often regret having sex with the wrong person.

The study was conducted by researchers from Texas University and University of California, Los Angeles with the objective of showing that regret is an evolutionary process in reproduction. Martie Haselton, a UCLA social psychology professor said that for men missing an opportunity to have sex with a person was a missed opportunity to reproduce and was viewed as an expensive loss from evolutionary point of view.

Men have regrets over three things when it comes to sex and relationship - lack of courage to approach a prospective partner, failure to be sexually adventurous in their youth and their missed opportunity to be more sexually adventurous when they were single. Women on the other hand have regrets about losing virginity to the wrong person, having cheated a present or past partner and their being too fast when it came to sex. On the issue of casual sex more women than men have regretted having sex with an unattractive partner. This being the top regret of women.

The result of this research is based on three studies involving 25,000 people. The study has been published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior journal.

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