Waaow!! Your BFF gets Married? Survive the mood-swings!!Marriage and Relationships

October 21, 2016 18:40
Waaow!! Your BFF gets Married? Survive the mood-swings!!

The wedding season has already started knocking at our door. However you love or hate it, if your best friend is getting married, you are suppose to go through an emotional rollercoaster.

As the best friend of the bride, you must have a huge responsibility plannings of being her anchor. She will be moody, and her emotions will vacillate between extremes - joy, sadness, excitement, anxiety, paralysing fear. She may even transform into a Bridezilla! But you have to keep your cool and make her emotionally engaged in party mood and huge plannings.

You have to be the patient audience for every thought she has, no matter how tear-jerking or silly it is and make her comfortable as much as possible. You have to be involved in all the rituals and the drama, and try to be that person who makes sure that the bride gets her downtime when she needs it. You’ll be the one fixing her choli to chunni, and her drink.

On the very outset, you may be calm, composed and your celebratory best, but, as the best friend, your heart will be crying, silently knowing that she won’t be only yours anymore. It will not be just her life that’s about to change, it will be yours too. No more 3 AM phone calls, no more hanging out for hours on end or sleepovers, no more”You are only mine”.

There will be a huge change in your life too, with your BFF’s wedding, and you have to now reinvent things, and find a new balance between the two.

One thing always you have to keep in your mind that you should noway get into their personal life, even keeping in mind how much intense relationship you had with your best friend.

Now enjoy your best friend’s wedding to the fullest. And keep all the secrets and feelings within yourself until she returns from her Honeymoon!

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By Prakriti Neogi

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