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February 20, 2020 18:51
Report: Women prefer men with beard over the clean-shaven

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Here is a good news for all the hirsute men as the researches suggests that women find men who has facial hair as more trustworthy and sexually attractive when compared to the ones who have a clean- shaved face.

The researches that have been done have suggested and also the researchers from the University of Queensland have conducted a survey where in more than 8,500 women have been asked to rate the men who were with and without facial hair. They have also been asked a bunch of questions that were related to the relationship.

According to this study, a conclusion has been drawn at the end of the study where in it was found out that women preferred bearded men as being more compatible for the marriage and that the men with clean shave were thought to be more suitable for a casual relationship.

The report that has been noted says that the male-typical facial features such as a pronounced brow ridge and a more robust jawline is said to be signaling the underlying health and also that the age of the man and his masculine social dominance are said to be signaled by their beards.

However, it has been observed that the bearded masculine faces have been judged as more attractive and were preferred for a long term relationships where as the ones with clean shaved have been judged as being attractive for a short term relationship.

When phrased into simpler words, this states that the males with beard are tend to be considered as having a perfect combination of the masculine as well as feminine features and therefore it makes them more attractive for maintaining a long term relationship.

The researches have said that the results that have been drawn by the study could be because the masculine faces indicate a man who is socially dominant and who is said to be physically stronger and that the masculine traits would be enhanced while making the facial areas as less attractive.

However, this might be disagreed by few women but the studies says that the majority of the women find bearded men being more attractive in appearance as well as being sexually attractive.

Although the confusion persists regarding beard determining the behaviour and the mentality of a man, another study which has been published in a journal Evolution and Human Behavior, says that women tend to believe that men with beard would make better fathers when compared to the ones who is clean- shaven.

Another study which has been done by a dating site has concluded that around 60 per cent of women have found men with facial hair more attractive and the men with beard and moustache have been chosen as ideal partners by fifty per cent of the people who have participated in the study.

However, as said that a coin has two sides, it has also been observed in the study that the women who disliked the bearded men are said to have feared the presence of parasites in their hair or skin. The women who tend to dislike facial hair have said that beards are not interpreted as a sign of cleanliness at all times and that they view beards as a sign of poor grooming.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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