Tips for Women to Prevent Workplace Sexual HarassmentWomen

November 12, 2018 12:16
Tips for Women to Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment

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Have you ever came across a maddening male co-worker who relishes telling dirty jokes about women's sexuality? Otherwise, have you ever caught your boss flirting with you in a lewd manner? Be cautious! You might be the next victim of sexual harassment.

Virtually every person distinguishes that any form of sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace. But do they know what it actually means? Regrettably, not at all. Regardless of numerous laws and policies issued to stop such offensive behaviors at work, sexual harassment remains usual within the working atmosphere. What makes it shoddier is, women frequently fall victims because of deprived understanding of sexual abuse.

With the rising number of women joining the labor force, gender diversity in the workplace turns out to be unavoidable. However, being in a male-dominated area, women in the office become a minority group. Glitches such as sexual harassment remain to befall and discourages women to lift their career.

Here’s how to save yourself or perhaps other fellow women from sexual harassment:

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment typically includes unwelcome physical contact or verbal abuse, for instance, sexist jokes and comments, sexual threat and bullying, unwelcome sexual advance, sexual insinuation, or public disgrace.

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Even delicate behaviors linked to sexual things, if they make you feel uneasy, you can file a sexual harassment claim to the perpetrators.

Be confident

Pesters every so often targets and attacks those who appear feebler. So as to stop any wicked misbehaviors, you have to gain strength and be poised.

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When you face some disagreeable attitudes from male employees, don't show your weakness. Even when you feel dejected and possibly scared, you have to defend yourself and say no with all your power.

Speak up

Every so often, severe sexual harassment starts with minor things such as jokes. Though it might seem like inoffensive in the beginning, you should be careful. Don't let it just pass.

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When your boss utters something like, 'Haha, maybe you need to sleep with me if you want to keep your job,' be further wary. It should send a red signal that might lead to more grave conducts. If such a thing happens to you, you must speak out and report such incidents to the senior business heads or the Human Resource manager.

Respect yourself first

If you want other people to esteem you, first you need to respect yourself. It means that you should uphold a professional image.

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Attire something decent and professional at work. Don't let your male co-workers glance at your bare cleavage. Although you might not mean to, just try not to form any sexual temptation.

Get back-up supporter

Do not let your shield down. When you work in a place mostly occupied with men, you should keep yourself enclosed with colleagues you trust. This way, you can control your social circle and avert any unwelcome advances from unacquainted people.

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As more women are looking for careers outside their home, corporate leaders should take instant action to control sexual harassment issues. Leaders should find a way to create a safe, healthy, and woman-friendly working situation.

-Sowmya Sangam

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