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July 29, 2015 17:29

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It is rightly said that a cup of tea you're drinking may predict a healthy life ahead. But, even there are amazing benefits of eating tea leaves. White tea, black tea, green tea and Oolong tea are all processed from the same leaves. Yet, white and green tea retains more benefits as they are processed in a different manner. A huge number of studies have been carried on green tea leaves and many are still growing on to discover the health benefits of tea leaves. The tea leaves have been used as traditional medicine for years in China and Japan. Which ever way you consume, you will get maximum benefits of tea right away. Below are major health benefits of eating tea leaves.

Tea leaves Promote Heart Health

As per a review on the role played by tea leaves on heart health, the antioxidants in both black tea and green tea have been found to lower cholesterol levels at the same time triglyceride levels. Several studies revealed that people had significantly reduced risks of high blood pressure, when consumed green tea or Oolong tea daily.

Tea leaves Rich in Antioxidants

Tea, whichever way you consume, is a power punch of antioxidants. Particularly, the catechins found in green tea make them rich in antioxidants thereby boosting health. Studies reveal that they play a major role in reversing cell damage than vitamins E and C.  

Tea leaves Boost Energy

Tea leaves contain caffeine naturally. Reliving fatigue temporarily, caffeine stimulates your brain and nervous system. Moreover, green leaf supplements are often promoted as weight loss supplements as they can aid in your weight loss efforts.


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