6 Ways to Use Ice Cubes to Enhance Your SkinFashion & Beauty

August 14, 2017 18:42
6 Ways to Use Ice Cubes to Enhance Your Skin

Ice cubes can do a lot more than just providing cooling effect to our drinks. You can use ice cubes to solve various beauty problems of you such as improving the skin glow along with enhancing your skin completely by removing dirt. We have tried to provide some of the best use of ice cube to improve overall quality of your skin.

● Massage ice cubes to improve glow

Providing ice cube massage on your face helps in improving the glow of the skin by increasing blood circulation. It also helps on making the skin to look more fresh and glowy.

● Use ice cube before applying makeup

Massaging ice cubes on your face before applying makeup helps in providing smooth base and shrinking the pores, which helps in reducing redness and puffiness.

● Ice cube reduces pain due to tweezing

Tweezing causes a lot of pain due to plucking of hairs. You can massage some ice cube to reduce the pain due to tweezing. Rubbing ice cube before tweezing also helps in reducing redness as well as inflammation.

● Shrinks pimple

Applying ice cubes on the pimple-affected area for 10-15 minutes helpful in flattening up the blood vessels and reducing the size of pimple.

● Saves from sunburn

You can also get rid of marks on your body caused due to sunburn. You just need to rub some ice cubes on the affected area, which is helpful in providing cooling sensation and reducing pain.

● Prevents puffy eyes

Applying ice cubes also very helpful in treating puffiness as well as under-eye bags. Just apply some ice cube on the puffy area for at least 10 minutes.

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