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November 03, 2014 17:23
Wanna look awesome?},{Wanna look awesome?

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When it comes to looking stylish it's important that you are comfortable and confident in what you're wearing. Trends act as a great guide to what's 'in' at the moment, but the key is to wear what you like.

Your hairstyle can have a huge impact on your overall look. If you usually wear it out and loose, try pinning it up in a loose bun for a stylish change. Alternatively, wearing it in braids is another on-trend trick you can use to update your look this season.

Another quick trick for how to ook stylish is to simply slip on a headband. Try something like a studded headband for a bit of edge, or go with a lace number for something more feminine.

It’s simple and effective, and only takes a few seconds to pull off. When it comes to how to look stylish in an instant, you can’t beat a new coat of lipstick. A bold red lip or hot pink hue is perfect for adding some drama to your look.

Slip on a pair of oversized sunglasses when you head outside for a quick and easy update. A round, dark pair is perfect for creating an air of mystery and glamour while funky thick frames are perfect for creating a more contemporary.

Whenever you’re stumped about what to wear, simply think of your favorite body part, and dress to show it off. Do you have sculpted arms? Try a sleeveless top. Love your legs? Then go for miniskirt.

Simply put heels elevate your look literally and physically. You’ll look more confident and put together instantly.

Accessories are the spice of an outfit, and can make even a basic outfit spectacular. It can be easy to skip them, so make a point of doing an accessory check before you leave the house each morning.

A smile is one of my favourite tips for how to look most stylish. It shows you’re confident and happy. What’s not to love about that.

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