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February 25, 2020 15:39
5 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Lipsticks

One lipstick a day keeps simplicity away!

Girls and women get unstoppable when it comes to coloring their lips. Be it a vintage grandmother or a fashionable school going girl, everyone loves applying a lipstick. The lipstick trend is immortal in the cocoon of fashion. It was born in ancient times and it is getting advanced ever since.

To look chic or appear sophisticated, every girl’s makeup bag is occupied with one lipstick. Who knows if its for pink or rosy lips? Who knows if it is just to attract men? Who knows if lipsticks had a relevant history. Find out!

Read this article to discover some interesting facts you didn’t know about lipsticks!

No 1 - Lipstick Was A Sign Of Liberation in 1912

                       (Image source from: wdl.org)

Can you believe how lipstick was known for liberation?

In New York, the women applied lipstick as a gesture to get liberated when they participated in the Suffrage rally. They became suffragists to protect voting rights for women. Women from different backgrounds came together to fight this battle. A few gave up midway and the rest continued with the parade.

No 2 - Egyptians Exhibited Their Status With Lipsticks

                       (Image source from: blog.swaliafrica.com)

In Egypt, it wasn’t just women who applied lipsticks. Even the men did!

As lipsticks were new and in vogue since old times, cosmetics weren’t advanced like how they are now. Men and women used natural flavored colors, dipped them in sticks and rubbed it on their lips. They loved the coloring style. They used crushed gemstones and white lead to make their lipsticks.

No 3 - Greece Perceived Lipstick As A Mark Of Prostitution

                        (Image source from: bustle.com)

Sadly, lipsticks were to identify prostitutes in Greece.

In the greek culture, lipsticks were made for the Prostitutes and if they didn’t abide by the rule of wearing lipstick, they were entitled a punishment. In those times, they were expected to come out with makeup and have wine, red and mulberry painted lips.

No 4 - Lipsticks Make Women Feel Confident

                        (Image source from: biography.com)

From nowhere confidence rises after wearing a lipstick, have you ever experienced that?

The one who was a part of the Nazi World War in Germany, Winston Churchill, loved the idea of women wearing lipsticks because he thought it boosted their confidence and made them feel better. Ever since this thought has come a long way and even today it is meaningful. You can relate if you are a lipstick wearer.

No 5 - The Lipstick Shine

                       (Image source from: pinterest.ch/benhamiltonlmt)

A mixture of natural and chemical ingredients = A Good Lipstick!

We are all aware that many toxic and natural ingredients go into the making of lipsticks. However, from old times until now, that one constant ingredient that never faded away is that of fish scales. The purpose of using fish scales in lipstick is to improvise shine and demonstrate light.

To summarize it all, lipsticks are significant and vibrant. It liberates your understanding of fashion and lipstick has played a remarkable role in the history and now.

I hope these interesting facts revealed things you didn’t know about lipsticks.

By Neha Makhija

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