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September 16, 2014 12:13
Get the perfect smile before your wedding day},{Get the perfect smile before your wedding day

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Most people take great pains for that perfect look on their wedding day. Both men and women make special efforts to get the perfect skin, hair as well as a toned body. But some forget to take care of their teeth, which is an important part of the wedding look. Only later, when they check the wedding album and see the yellowish teeth, they realise the important of sparkling white teeth.

Here are some tips to take care of your pearlies before you say ‘I Do’.

Quit smoking, it’s great for your teeth, besides being good for your health.

Avoid red wine, as it causes teeth discolouration. Stick to the white variety.
Certain food and beverages like coffee and tea cause teeth stains. Avoid excessive intake of these.

Fruits like strawberry have the natural ability to whiten teeth. Strawberry has certain acids that work to polish and whiten your pearlies. Use mashed strawberry mixed with baking soda to make your own tooth whitening paste.

Use a plastic straw to sip iced tea, cola, and fruit juices. This will reduce staining of your teeth due to exposure to these beverages.

Flush your mouth or a mouthwash after every meal. Also floss your teeth to remove zit stuck in between your pearlies.

Brush your teeth two times in a day in circular motion. This will cleans your teeth and also massage the gums.

Besides, make sure that you visit your dentist two times in a year for a check-up. This will ensure that your teeth always remain sparkling white.

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