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March 13, 2015 10:18

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There is no doubt that Indian Yoga is powerful and effective in rejuvenating the body and soul, now the world is try to know what is there in Yoga. The news is about the pilots of Solar Impulse-2, who have been in India since Tuesday night in Ahmedabad for 2 day stay.

Their plane has been getting the renewable solar energy, while the pilots have been energizing their body and mind by practicing yoga under the supervision of Indian yoga guru Sanjeev Bhanot for last 12 years to safely take on their first round-the-world trip on SI-2.

"We sleep for 20 minutes at every five hours during the flight. We also need to regain energy. For that, I started learning yoga 12 years back and have been practising it daily for the last 10 years. We also use yoga to stimulate our body and re-energise ourselves with the help of Yogi Sanjeev Bhanot," said Mr Borschberg.

"The 20 minutes of sleep is necessary. During that nap, we leave the plane fly by itself by putting it on auto-pilot mode. Yoga helps in a different way, I practice yoga almost daily. It helps you think with a right mind, it helps in balance and breathing techniques and helps to re-energise," he added.

Mr Piccard, the 57-year-old initiator and president of the Solar Impulse project, said he practices self-hypnosis to connect with the inner-self. "I self-hypnotise to connect with inner-self. That is because hypnosis is a way to connect with the inner side of yourself," he said.

"When you live normally, you look, you feel, you get distressed, but when you start looking inside yourself, you will disconnect from the uncomfortable situation of (outer world) and you can use your inner resources and inner energy," said Mr Piccard, who is also a psychiatrist.

Solar powered international may come true , as the Swiss’ Solar Impulse is proving the uninterrupted caliber of their plane.

The journey has started from Abu Dhabi on July 7, had its first leg in Muscat after 12 hours of continuous journey. Si2 will travel 35,000 km around the world in 25 days, including the breakes and rest it will be around five months. From Ahmedabad it will go Varanasi then it will cover Myanmar, China and the Pacific Ocean. There will be 12 stops en route.

The strongest dedication and passion might be catalyzed by the mantra of Yoga in facing the adverse situations and taking challenges.


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