Indian Immigrant Priya Serrao's Journey to Bagging the Miss Universe Australia TitleHot Buzz

January 23, 2020 13:23
Indian Immigrant Priya Serrao's Journey to Bagging the Miss Universe Australia Title

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Priya Serrao, a typical Indian immigrant to Australia is now working as a policy adviser for the government of Victoria. She is said to assess the risks and to devise the strategies for promotion and trade.

The 27 year old Priya Serrao who saw a post on Instagram regarding the beauty pageant, during her lunch break from work has signed up for it and is now the first India-born Australian citizen to win the title of Miss Universe Australia in the year 2019.

Serrao was born in Hyderabad and has been raised in Mumbai, Oman and Dubai before her family had moved to Australia when she was 11 years old. She said that it was he first visit to India in eight years, as a delegate of the Australia India Youth Dialogue.

The Australia India Youth Dialogue brings together the young leaders from India and Australia in order to promote the bilateral relationship.

She confesses that she has been a nerd and had never been a part of modelling before as she was never interested in beauty or fashion. She claims that she had to learn to put on makeup as she posed in her backyard and the photographs were clicked by her mother.

She said that, she did not share about the contest with anyone, when she was asked to take a leave for two weeks for the contest.

She said that she was surprised that she has been selected in the top 10 and that she had not invited her parents for the finals which were conducted in Bali as she thought asking her parents to visit Bali for just seeing her on the stage for two minutes would be just a mere waste of time and that her parents got to know about the win through Wikipedia, Priya Serrao said Economic Times.

Priya Serrao has said that she had never thought that a person who looked like her would ever win the title as she describes the difficulties that she has faced while growing up in Melbourne. She claims of feeling like an outsider as she did not look like all the others in the class and that she would differ in the cultural references. She added saying that she had been teased for her accent which made her watch an Australian soap opera named Neighbors, in order to get the accent right.

Serrao has spoken about the issues that plague the beauty industry as she states that it is the 21st century where in we have been progressive in a lot many ways but are still regressive to what is beauty defined as.

Serrao says that she had been slogging between her day job and being a full- time celebrity in the last six months. She says that the title that she has won allows her to talk about the concerned topics and that she has used the the platform to talk about various social issues that bothered her. She shared about the difficult times that she has faced while growing up, in schools.

Priya Serrao has a post graduate degree in law and did her research like the well-trained lawyer that she is before she has decided to participate in the contest. She is said to be admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of Victoria in the next month.

Serrao says that there now exists space for the women of multi- ethnic and well- educated background as there were many participants like her. The other participants who had well- educated backgrounds were Miss USA, a litigation attorney and Miss Ireland who is a NASA engineer.

Although the swimsuit round has been eliminated in the Miss America 2018 in order to focus on representing scholarship, social impact, talent and empowerment, it has been retained in the Miss Universe 2019 for which Serrao had to follow a tiresome schedule and go to the gym to get herself ready for the swimsuit round.

Serrao has said that as a pageant winner, a lawyer and a policy wonk, she has the ability to speak out on several issues and that people would listen to her as she would be considered as a celebrity after she had won the title and she claims that this platform would be used in doing good things.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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