Rajjo Hindi Movie Review

Rajjo Hindi Movie Review

Rajjo Hindi Movie Review
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    Mar, 29 2020


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  • Film : Rajjo
  • Producer : Four Pillars Entertainment
  • Director : Vishwas Patil
  • Star Cast : Kangana Ranaut, Paras Arora, Mahesh Manjrekar...
  • Music Director : Uttam Singh
Rating: 1.5/5

Kangana Ranaut Rajjo Movie Review and Rating

A movie meant to evoke emotions for the prostitutes of mumbai. A story of a beautiful nautch girl and her dreams in the kothas of Mumbai.

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The story of 'Rajjo' revolves around a nautch girl in the kothas of Mumbai. It's about her dreams even while leading an ignoble life and how she finds love in the same kotha.

Rajjo (Kangna Ranaut) is a prostitute who harbours a secret dream to be a classical dancer. She dances to entertain lusty men with her 'jhatkas' and 'mujra'. She had lost her childhood in the dingy red-lightarea of Mumbai. Chandu, (Paras Arora), a 21-year-old college student falls in love with Rajjo during a trip with friends to her den (kotha). Chandu drops out of college to rescue the damsel (Kangna) from a distressing life.

Analysis :

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'Rajjo' is supposed to be a heart-wrenching story, but it fails to touch even a cord. The story of a nautch girl who was forced into the profession in her childhood is not convincing. The movie fails to engage as it's inconsistent and uncoherent.

Performance :

rajjo -review

Kangna, as Rajjo, with her scarlet lips looks pretty in every frame. She looks convincing but fails to make an impact. Infact, Kangna is the only thing that keeps you to your seat till the end. The character of Paras, as the Maharashtrian 'Virar ka chokra',is not convincing. He leaves everything, his college, home, etc. for his lady love but there seems to be no reaction from any of them. Prakash Raj’s gangster-cum-creep act seems like a deja-vu, nothing new to impress. The presiding eunuch Begum (Mahesh Manjrekar) is the best thing in the cast of the film.

Final Word:
The movie has a good social message, but Rajjo's life fails to evoke a tear. You feel no grief for the lovely nautch girl with red lips. The direction, execution and music fails to impress. Go for the movie if you are an ardent fan of Kangana Ranaut and her jhatkas. Else this one can be missed.


(AW:Pratima Tigga)


Rajjo Hindi Movie Review


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