Prashant Kishor's big Prediction about Lok Sabha PollsTop Stories

May 21, 2024 20:25
Prashant Kishor's big Prediction about Lok Sabha Polls

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Political strategist Prashant Kishore says there is no widespread anger against the incumbent BJP and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead the party to another victory in the ongoing BJP elections. Swaraj said the BJP's vote share in this election could be at about or even higher than his 303 points in 2019. Kishore said: “The future will show what the result will be on June 4. Journalists, epidemiologists and experts each have their own opinion. As far as I'm concerned, consistency is sometimes boring. For the last five months I have done this.” I think this is the case. No matter how you judge the election, the BJP could achieve the same numbers under Modi as it did in the last election. So far I have not heard of widespread public anger against Modiji, but there may be frustrations and unfulfilled desires whether there are alternatives or not. “I haven’t heard widespread outrage,” he said.

Another big problem, according to Kishore, is “inviting a challenger.” “This is when people feel that our situation will be better if this person comes. We have not heard that things will get better with Rahul Gandhi coming. His fans... "You may say that, but I'm on a topic." I'm speaking more generally. I don't think the numbers changed much because there wasn't widespread anger against the incumbent or calls for a challenger. The political strategist said that North India and West India have around 325 seats and this belt has been the BJP's main base since 2014. The BJP in eastern and southern India, where it had just over 225 seats in the last decade, now has fewer than 50 seats. If the BJP has to lose, we will have to see if it suffers significant losses in the north and west. In my opinion, BJP is not. However, there is a possibility that the share and seats in the East and South will increase and there is little chance that the status quo will remain or that the status quo will continue in favor of the incumbents.

On the BJP's target of 370 seats, Mr. Kishore said, “If the BJP gets 275 seats, its leaders will not say we will not form the government because we said we will get 370 seats. So we have to see if they do that." If we get to 272, the politics and talks will continue. Mr Kishore said the BJP will manage to get 370 .So the whole debate is whether BJP gets 370. We have to thank BJP and Modiji for changing the tone of the debate , because he wins".

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