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February 15, 2024 19:46
Ukraine drone damages Russian Landing Ship

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Ukraine has reportedly dealt a significant blow to the Russian Black Sea fleet by successfully targeting and sinking a Russian landing ship through the use of drones. Ukrainian military intelligence shared a video showcasing the moment when multiple naval drones approached the Ropucha-class large landing ship named Cesar Kunikov near Crimea's coast. According to the agency, the drones struck the port side of the vessel, causing critical damage that led to it starting to sink. The Cesar Kunikov, which has been involved in conflicts in Syria, Georgia, and Ukraine, is capable of accommodating 87 crew members. Social media footage displayed a smoke plume rising from a ship in the Black Sea, and local Russian media reported a search-and-rescue operation utilizing helicopters in the area. As of now, Russian officials have not verified the attack, with Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov advising individuals to refer to statements from military colleagues. The Russian military has also refrained from commenting on the incident.

If confirmed, the strike would mark the second successful operation this month against a Russian warship in the Black Sea. On February 1st, Ukrainian Magura V5 sea drones launched a sophisticated nighttime attack on the Russian warship Ivanovets, highlighting the vulnerability of Russia's Black Sea fleet to unmanned naval vessels. Ukraine's military intelligence released a grainy video showing multiple sea drones attacking the Russian corvette, concluding with three impactful images of it tilting, exploding, and sinking. The Ivanovets, a small missile warship with a typical crew of around 40, may have experienced casualties due to the swift and intense nature of the attack. Kyiv has gradually challenged Moscow's initial dominance in the Black Sea through long-range missile strikes and the innovative utilization of sea drones. In response to the attack on the Cesar Kunikov, a popular Russian military blogger named Rybar criticized the Black Sea fleet for repeatedly demonstrating incompetence and an inability to fend off Ukrainian assaults. These sea drones, developed by the Ukrainians and based on modified jetskis, operate in groups, can be remotely controlled, and have a price tag in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The defence ministry's report, which relies on live video feeds from drones, provides insight into the attacks, capturing the moment of impact in certain instances. Ukraine has identified Group 13 as the responsible special unit, known for their expertise in unmanned naval warfare.

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