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October 10, 2023 14:48
Hamas Threatens to Kill Hostages

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Palestine’s Hamas group has threatened to kill the hostages of Israel if imposed to siege on the Gaza Strip or cut off the water supply. The Israel-Gaza war has already claimed at least 1600 lives so far and approximately 100 people are with Hamas as hostages.

Hamas claimed that four of their citizens were killed in Israeli airstrikes, who were held as hostages.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a warning stating that ‘Israel is at war’, he reportedly mobilised 3,00,000 troops. He stated that Israel didn't start this war, but would finish it.

Netanyahu also said that Hamas will understand that attacking Israel is a mistake of historic proportions. He said that Palentina and their enemies will remember them for decades.

Israel took this as a legitimate security concern. UN Secretary General Antonie Guterres said that Israel should be in strict accordance with international humanitarian law. The death count in Gaza is 687 and in Israel the death toll is 900, leaving 1600 civilians and soldiers dead on both sides.

The US has also confirmed 11 American deaths, who were in Israel. The US cleared that there are in no intention to be involved in the war. They also warned other countries, supporting groups like Iran not to get involved.

Besides this, yesterday Netanyahu has warned the civilians in Gaza to get away from the Hamas sites.

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