Amid China Border Conflict, IAF Testfires 'Shoot Down' Enemy FightersTop Stories

December 04, 2020 18:57
Amid China Border Conflict, IAF Testfires 'Shoot Down' Enemy Fighters

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After receiving threat from the Chinese Air Force on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the present conflict, the Indian Air Force executed 10 testfirings Akash air defence missiles to verify different scenarios to shoot down enemy aircraft that might disobey the Indian air space during conflicts.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation developed Akash and the Bharat Dynamics Limited and Bharat Electronics Limited produced a medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile named Akash.

Last week, at the Suryalanka testfiring range in Andhra Pradesh, the testfirings were conducted.

This missile turned out successful amongst the majority of Akash missiles fired.

"Around 10 Akash missiles were fired by the Air Force during the Combined Guided Weapons Firing 2020 exercise to practice different engagement scenarios during conflicts to shoot down enemy planes. Most of the missiles scored a direct hit at the target," government sources told ANI here.

IAF tested the Akash missiles and Igla shoulder-fired air defence missiles during the exercise.

At present, both these systems are deployed along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh and other sectors for taking out any enemy aircraft trying to overstep the Indian air space.

As per Akash sources, it is one of the most successful indigenous weapon systems and would be apt to fight wars with indigenous weapons.

Recently, this missile was upgraded and it is equipped with a seeker that will help it take down targets easily than before.

Akash Prime missile system will be capable of engaging with targets at high altitude locations since the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has been working with it.

Apart from this, the DRDO made modifications to make the system more effective during the ongoing conflict, where the Chinese are deploying their so-called stealth planes like the J-20 fifth-generation fighters.

After integrating with other systems, the stealth features of the missile have increased and can surprise enemy fighter jets with anti-radiation missiles.

Recently, the Cabinet Committee on Security, cleared seven squadrons of the missile systems for ₹5,500 crore for the Air Force.

On borders , the force will deploy these missile systems

along with Pakistan and China to maintain a strict vigil against enemy aircraft, drones, and surveillance aircraft.

By Neha Makhija

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