More Americans plan to move to Canada amid rise in COVID-19 casesTop Stories

July 22, 2020 03:31
More Americans plan to move to Canada amid rise in COVID-19 cases

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As cases continue to surge in the US, Immigration lawyers say that they are seeing threefold increase in number of Americans who want to relocate to Canada.

The number of positive coronavirus in the US has crossed 3.7 million and the death toll has surpassed 140,000.

Len Saunder, the immigration lawyer of the US has recently said that many Americans are now more concerned about the growing death rate in the country and are contemplating a move to Canada.

The Americans feel Canada to be the safest heaven in these turbulent times, according to the lawyer.

All these Americans who are willing to shift to Canada either have their spouses in Canada or their fiancés or partners or have earlier claimed for their citizenship in Canada.

Canadian immigration lawyer, Mark Belanger too said that he had witnessed an upsurge in the influx of Americans after the pandemic has begun. These Americans are either visiting their families or spending time with their partners and are now seeking permanent resident status or work permits.

He also said that he has been receiving triple the amount of enquiries on how about shifting to Canada or staying in Canada.

Meanwhile, land border crossing are growing in Canada from the US. Data shows that from April 6 to April 12 2020, 107,795 travelers have entered Canada.

However in July, the number rose to 172,842 travelers, which is a 60% rise from the previous 3 months.

Both the immigration lawyers of Canada and the US have said that the border would remain closed for the non essential travel for the rest of 2020.

Even after the border reopens, Saunders says that the trend is going to indefinitely continue.

According to Belanger, it would be difficult to obtain a work status in Canada without a family connection in the country. This scenario itself explains why cross border weddings have been increasing in number and is becoming more common lately.

Tying the knot would give a ticket to future in Canada for many cross border couples.

But for those who can’t meet in the middle, Belanger has said that he has been investigating the potential for marriages through video conferencing that would be recognized by immigrations of both the countries.

The Americans were disappointed with the Republican president Donald Trump’s incapability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump too did not consider the pandemic serious and has not even considered wearing a face mask necessary.

But, recently, Trump has tweeted a photo of him wearing face mask and called himself ‘patriotic’.

Reportedly, his shift to donning a face mask is motivated by the floundering poll numbers.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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