After India, US may consider ban of Chinese AppsTop Stories

July 08, 2020 19:19
After India, US may consider ban of Chinese Apps

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While China is trying to assert itself as a global dominating Asian Power, it is receiving severe blows from India and the US.

China’s increasing dominance, mainly on neighborhood countries like India and its claims of the Indian territorial land has received a big economic blowback to the country when India has banned 59 of its apps. Now, taking cue from India, The US is also considering a ban on Tik Tok and some other Chinese apps.

Some western countries are sharply criticizing China for its new National Security law policy in HongKong while China is continuing to assert itself as a dominant Asian Power. Moreover, two US carriers are already patrolling the South China Sea.

US secretary of State Mike Pompeo has released a statement saying that the government is taking the decision on a very serious note and looks forward to ban the Chinese apps like Tik Tok.

He also praised India’s decision and said that I would boost the country’s national security and integrity.

According to a report, Tik Tok owner Byte Dance who had invested more than $1 billion on Indian data base is already facing a loss of $6 billion after India’s ban.

If the US also bans the app, it would make a devastating effect on Tik Tok’s US date base thereby causing more loss to the founder.

India’s decision to ban 59 chinese apps came after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a clash between India and China. Besides just banning the apps, India has also stopped Chinese investments into its roads, power and enterprise sectors.

Moreover, many countries are looking forward to reducing economic independence on China after the pandemic has spread across the world from China.

Tensions in the South China sea between India and China have also escalated as over $5 trillion worth of goods are shipped every year. In this case, the US has stood as a support for India by brining two US military aircrafts in the region to support India.

According to studies, the US military aircrafts support along South China sea may have intimidated China and let the country decide to move back its troops in the Galwan valley.

Recently, Australia has also warned its residents that they would see arbitrary detention if they visit China.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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