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May 27, 2020 20:21
Coronavirus Death Rates Are Less But Cases Have Increased After Migrants Moved

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On Tuesday, in India, there were around 145,380 coronavirus infections and a death toll of 4,167. Given that India is the second largely populated country in the world there is a complete possibility for cases to increase. Luckily, the country hasn’t experienced too many deaths due to coronavirus.

After an observation, officials say, with the migrant laborers returning back home from big cities, the cases have increased and the country is in tension about the pandemic spreading in villages where they are not privileged enough to receive the best medical services or treatment.

According to statistics, the Health ministry officials took an average of the death rate in the world and India separately. They found that across the world the rate is 4.4 and in India the rate stands at 0.3 deaths per 100,000 people.

Since Prime Minister Modi declared the lockdown, 4.5 million migrant workers went back home in these two months, officials said.

“We have surprisingly found a low fatality rate in India, which is very good,” said Balram Bhargava, director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research, in New Delhi.

Dozens of laborers who travelled from New Delhi have been tested positive. A senior health official in Bihar’s capital, Patna, said that they are making sure not to allow anyone into the village.

According to updates as of Monday, the eastern state of Bihar registered more than 160 infections. This was quite a big number in one day. In 48 hours, more than 75 people tested positive in Odisha and in different districts of Rajasthan there were 176 cases.

Based on an analysis done by the economists, this lockdown has affected all the poorest migrants the most. Sadly, TV footages tracked the police beating up all the migrant workers for breaking social distancing rules by trying to board city buses to reach their villages.

By Neha Makhija

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