Sachin Upadhyay- A Successful Entrepreneur Is Motivating People For Self EmpowermentTop Stories

May 23, 2020 17:27
Sachin Upadhyay- A Successful Entrepreneur Is Motivating People For Self Empowerment

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Sachin Upadhyay is not just a successful entrepreneur but a motivational person who is empowering millions of youngsters. He is basically from a business family who grew up learning business ethics.

He learned the crucial ethics like not to cheat anyone to grow as a brand. By passion, he became a foodpreneur and he built his own tribe with the social media platforms. Many people are inspired and follow his social media profiles. This is clear with a quick reference of his social media accounts.

Sachina said, the journey from being a social media expert to foodpreneur is impeccable for him. He also said “Life is a race to grow one’s industry and the one who grows it, goes ahead.”

He started his branding company in the year 2012. He began his first venture making place in social media marketing. He excelled in the expanded real estate sector. He knows the middle class household and needs. Hence, he established a company named “Utkarsh Developers” in 2015. He offered affordable housing and successfully completed 7 projects to date.

His Experience from Entrepreneur to Foodpreneur

After being successful in the housing industry, he didn't stop there but started exploring the foodservice industry. He made it up big in the foodservice industry with a restaurant chain “Bol . Biryani” 2018. He established the franchise within 6 months. He worked with new ideas with time and experience.

Here is a business trick that is ethical and profitable from Sanchin-“The increase of special offers, discounts and deals have attracted more attendees to the casual dining space, which has also witnessed changes owing to the advent of technology. Startups have not only been providing special deals for customers but they have also innovated to bring a variety of tools for restaurant owners to tap into more customers”

Digpu raised a question to Sachin, “Why he wants to be an entrepreneur in the competitive industry” and Sachin answered “I come from a business family and therefore, I work towards creating opportunities and value for others. I believe that this will lead to a path of mutual growth. I have always been focussed and have never lost hope as an entrepreneur.”

Sachin wants to multiply the outlet to at least 150 by the end of 2021. He aimed to empower by creating employment and he is ready to explore various domains to be successful with his aim.

By Ramya C

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