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May 22, 2020 14:15
President Trump urges states for quicker reopening

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With US being the worst hit country because of the Covid-19 pandemic, every single person around has been skeptical of its reopening. With parts of Europe embracing the post-Covid lifestyle already, President Trump ordered for mass reopening to stop the economy from plummeting even further.

Countries on both sides of the Atlantic have opened up for tourism and shopping even with the global number of cases rising past 5 million.

The crisis of Covid-19 is far from over now. Following US, Latin America and Russia are posing as the next hot spots of the virus spread.

But, with the elections nearing, Trump has been advising the state governors to move forward with the reopening and loosening of the restrictions post Covid-19.

“We did the right thing but we now want to get going.... you’ll break the country if you don’t,” said Trump.

The Republican candidate further emphasised reopening of the religious places of worship, which he expected to be opened by Easter, as a mode of faster healing.

People want to be in their churches and pray for the healing of the nation, he believes.

The daily death toll in the country has also experienced a steady decline so far, the numbers nearing 94,000 now.

The lockdown and restrictions have also resulted in unemployment of over 38.6 million people in US, just 2.4 million last week.

Gradual return to normal

With the virus likely being around for the coming 2 years or so, world leaders have said that people have to adapt living with it. The gradual reopening process already started on the eve of Memorial Day where the beaches were being opened up for the people to come sunbathe.

Several of the residents from Ohio reported that they have been looking for things to go back to normal, so once it did, they even rented out a beach house in Ohio. Majority of the people in US have roared in protests about the reopening to happen soon as they wanted to get their lives and the work back on track.

In several parts of Denmark, the health officials have reported a gradual decline in the number of deaths because of Covid-19 which is definitely a sign of optimism.

The negatives

While there have been quite a lot of positives happening surrounding the whole Covid-19 situation, not everything was found positive.

Globally, the number of confirmed cases has doubled in the last month, taking the number of death toll to over 330,000.

While Europe is gradually recovering over the days, Latin America is now the new hotspot for the rising cases of the novel coronavirus in the world.

Brazil, which has the third most confirmed cases in the world reported that they have been overwhelmed when it comes to the cremation process. Workers at the cremation spots have reported that even with them working for over 12 hours, the work still doesn’t seem to stop.

Aside from that, countries like Peru, Mexico and Chile has also been witnessing a sharp rise in the number of confirmed cases.

Constant battles

While the world is battling the virus, there has been constant criticism being thrown around by President Trump, accusing China for spreading the disease in the world.

He further blamed their authorities for their incompetence in handling the outbreak, blaming it responsible for majority of the crisis that happened in the world.

Even with all the accusations, China has time and time confronted that all these claims are not true. They have clarified stating that they have been clear about their data from day 1.

Possibilities of second surge

With the Trump administration persistent surrounding the reopening of the country, the one thing that everyone is afraid of is the second surge of infections.

Spain took the precaution to make masks mandatory for public use when out in public, where social distancing is not possible.

But, experts and health officials have reiterated that while the second wave of infection is inevitable, the question that lingers around is when and how big the impact would be.

They have expressed that this is in no means trying to demean people’s optimism but being realistic and practical at this point.

By Somapika Dutta

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