Businessman Andrew Yang has announced Withdrawal from Democratic Presidential RaceTop Stories

February 12, 2020 12:59
Businessman Andrew Yang has announced Withdrawal from Democratic Presidential Race

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Tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang whose campaign on giving USD 1,000 a month to every adult American has delivered him a second straight poor showing at the New Hamshire primary has suspended hid campaign for president on Tuesday.

Andrew Yang who is 45 years of age had ran for president despite having no political background. Several observers have been surprised as Yang has qualified for the debates and had remained in the contest longer than few of the veteran politicians.

The 45 year old Yang has been bidding to be the first Asian- American President of the country and he had launched his long- shot candidacy in the year 2017 as a virtual unknown.

Andrew Yang is a son of Taiwanese immigrants and has done his education in the Ivy league.

The signature proposal of Yang was his answer to the fourth industrial revolution which was the rise of the automation which he has mentioned as destroyed millions of manufacturing jobs which in turn led in paving a way for the election of Donald Trump in the year 2016.

He has said in a Democratic debate on Friday that he hopes that his campaign might be a message and a word of caution to his Democratic colleagues saying that Donald Trump is not the reason and the cause of all the problems that they face.

“Donald Trump is not the cause of all our problems, and we are making a mistake if we act like he is,” said Andrew Yang.

Andrew Yang has told his supporters in New Hampshire on Tuesday night that he would extend his support to who ever wins the Democratic nomination in November to take on Donald Trump.

Yang has warned on the trial that major industries like retail, customer service and trucking would be hit due to the automation. He has also noted that almost no tax are being paid by the technology companies despite being profited from the personal data of the people and has also vowed in order to impose new taxes on the tech giants for financing his Freedom Dividend.

The supporters of Andrew Yang has said that they were drawn to the diagnosis that had been made by Yang regarding the problems that the country has been facing has resonated much more than just a typical speech which would generally be made by a politician.

The supporters of Andrew Yang has called themselves as Yang Gang and had fueled in part by the use of social media that has been used for his campaign.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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