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October 25, 2019 11:35
Pakistan Suggested To Take “Irreversible Steps” Against The Terror Talks

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The constant unrest between India and Pakistan with respect to Kashmir has been a problem since eternity. While the constant bout of distress and terror between the two nations, President Donald Trump is all set to mediate between PM Narendra Modi and PM Imran Khan to find better ways to resolve the disputes between the nations.

A senior administration official clarified stating that President Trump is all set to mediate through the shortcomings and find better ways mediate between the two nations if they officials asked him directly.

The President of the United States has already met and discussed about the possibilities of the situations around with both the representatives of the nation, discussing about the constant unrest that they experience.  

President Trump has also directly discussed about the situation of Kashmir with both the Prime Ministers, trying to gauge a better outcome of the situation. A senior State Department official said highlighting these points over the involved discussions.

When asked directly, an official clarified stating, “He (Trump) certainly is prepared to play a mediation role, if both the countries ask. It has been India's position not to seek outside mediation.”

The official asked for anonymity through the publication of his statements and said that US is all up for creating a positive environment between the two nations that is expected to create a constructive dialogue situation that they don’t have to regret later.

The same also does include some of the necessary steps that Pakistan has to take to ensure irreversible as well as sustainable actions as the process of the cross border terrorism which has been one of the primary issues between the constructive bilateral dialogues between the two nations.

If any of the officials from either of the nations ask President Trump to mediate the issues between them, he has expressed his interest as well as willingness to get around with that. The official further said that in the meeting conducted with the PM Narendra Modi, he has clearly expressed no signs of mediation, further solidifying the issues even more.

This unwillingness from the Indian Prime Minister doesn’t mean that the US administration isn’t trying to invoke a constructive dialogue take place between the nations to further initiate better peace and calm around.

The official also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Kartarpur Corridor to further imbibe a sense of confidence between India and Pakistan is going to help induce a people to people contact between the two nations.

Addressing this, the official also stated saying, “While it's a small step, we need more like this to also create the will, the goodwill and the environment for constructive dialogue.”

Asserting India and Pakistan as two of the most important nuclear powers in the world, it is important that both of the nations do have better avenues to enhance the contact and communication between the two nations.

Putting a stopper to the thoughts, the official finally concluded saying, “The India-US strategic partnership has been growing over the last two and a half years. It is obviously part of a longer bipartisan two decade's of effort to improve relations with India that has now reached a stage of confidence and maturity.”

By Somapika Dutta

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