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October 24, 2019 12:08
India, US Defence Tech Sharing Pact Is In Talks To Be Revitalised

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India and US are currently working to revitalise a defence technology sharing pact between the two nations by putting forth several new ideologies and beliefs on the table. Some of the primary objectives are set to include separate focus on the start-ups, the take on exports to some of the identified third nations along with diversion of focus on some of the practical industry partnerships involved.

The India US Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) which was signed in 2012 was specifically aimed at identifying as well as promoting some of the primary joint development along with manufacturing projects for some of the defence forces but at the same time, hasn’t yielded any kind of major results in the process as well.

One of the ambitious projects under the plan that is yet to be identified includes to share the jet engine technology. This specific initiative has ended up floundering because of the strict export control regime involved in the US along with the lack of strong business involved from the Indian side.

The next meeting discussing the pact is all set to be conducted on October 24th, 2019 between Ellen M Lord, undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment and Subhash Chandra, secretary Defence Production. They are going to discuss about fresh ideas to help take the things forward along with setting up of the industry forum which can help identify as well as suggest some of the practical projects that are involved in this.

In addition to all this, there has also been a number of advisory for the nations to set up a Defence Industry Advisory Committee (DIAC) which is expected to help supplement the government’s efforts to help in promoting the technology sharing but US has already shown some reluctance on this matter specifically around.

Some of the sources said to Economic Times that the focus on the start-ups is likely to help channel through the US based research labs to open up with some of the best cutting edge technology. In addition to that, two sides to it is also going to be discussing some of the possibility of collaboratively developing systems for some of the approved third nations in terms of the available export opportunities.

The two nations are also working on identifying the projects for cooperation in the prospect of space technology.

It was also informed to the Economic Times that an industrial pact has already been signed between India and US and has already been finalized and is all set to be finally penned down shortly. This is believed to enable the US manufacturers to later share some of the high end technology with some of the existing Indian partners.

Before the preceedings of the meeting, Ellen M Lord did state India as one of the biggest defence allies. She further emphasised saying that the bi-lateral military trade did also reach around $18 billion this year.

Addressing everything, Lord finally stated saying, “The United States is committed to strengthening its partnership with India while furthering military-to-military relationships and cooperation… United States and India are working bilaterally and in cooperation with other like-minded partners to advance our shared vision for the Indo-Pacific.”

By Somapika Dutta

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