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October 17, 2019 11:31
Huawei Claims They Can Find Customers In India After US Ban

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Huawei technologies has time and time been known around for their one of a kind technologies and following their ban in US and a few other nations, they claim that they can find a loyal customer base in India itself for their 5G gear.

While US has already called for a boycott on this Chinese tech company, things aren’t the same with the other nations like India. The brand is still consistently investing on their marketing and other prospects in India as well working with the government to counter the US allegations that the devices launched by them could be used as a mode of spying for the Chinese government.

Jay Chen, chief executive officer of Huawei’s India business, said in an interview in New Delhi that “The approach we took to engage with the Indian government is very transparent, direct and cooperative. We have given a full commitment to follow all rules and regulations, full compliance.”

India is the largest wireless market aside from China has been of the pivotal focus of investment by Huawei, even though the government is still working to set the dates for the 5G spectrum auctioning to the various carriers.

Chen further said that even though the Trump administration has already shunned the company and asked other associated nations to follow through the same footsteps, things do seem to be a little different for the prospect of the Indian market and the wireless ecosystem that they have going around.

India has already fallen behind China and some of the other countries to introduce the 5G spectrum which comprises of superfast networks that could play a key role in factory automation, autonomous driving and other prospective artificial intelligence projects. Majority of the phone carriers in the nation are in debt and have the government’s plan to auction through that because of the high price points these will come with.

According to Chen, the Indian market has an ecosystem at the moment. If this ecosystem breaks through because of Huawei, the loss is not just going to be financial but with the salient loss of the technology development as well.

The US Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross said in an issued statement that the US push for the boycott is mainly driven by the prospect of threat to the security rather than the posed competition in the market that many might think.

Ross further exclaimed stating that they hope the geopolitical partner, India is going to be a good judgement of decision towards the untoward security risk that they could impose on them because of the company.

Some of the top giants in the business of network carriers, Jio and Airtel have already decided to work with the non-Chinese equipment manufacturers for their 5G spectrum announcements.

The question of whether or not this tech giant will find their recluse in the country is still a matter of question at this point that does require better clarifications which will come in the future days.

By Somapika Dutta

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