Gorakhpur Tragedy, Infants death takes a toll over 70Top Stories

August 14, 2017 12:59
Gorakhpur Tragedy, Infants death takes a toll over 70

30children dead in 48 hours in BRD (Baba Raghav Das) Medical college and hospital on 11th august. The BRD hospital is the largest hospital in the area of gorakhpur region. The death of these 30 children and 63 children in last 5 days for various reasons including lack of supply of oxygen, as the hospital has unpaid dues of Rs. 68 lakhs the vendor refused to supply oxygen.

Initially, the government denied the media reports and said that they were misleading, later the district magistrate was personally stationed at the medical collage and on Friday night , government ordered for magisterial Probe.

The deaths caused in the hospital are not only due to lack of oxygen supply but also due to encephalitis, encephalitis is a disease carried through mosquitoes, which breads in unclean environment.

Gorakhpur has been epicenter for encephalitis since 1978, when the first case was reported. Since 1978, BRD hospital has an average of over 200 deaths per bed.

According to a report, India ranked 154th position out of 195 countries in terms of health care, lagging far behind from countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Ghana, Liberia.

India spends only 5% of its GDP on public health care, while china spends around 10.4% of its budget on health care. This incident has caused central to rethink about its pubic health policy.

The parents are still mourning to their children's death, Parents at the hospital have informed that there was low supply of oxygen in the hospital, on august 8th itself the nurse has used ‘ambu-bag’ in NICU.

Brahmdev has said that “ On Aug 9th at 8.00 p.m they came to me said that my son has died, no doctor told me the reason behind my son’s death”.

Brahmadev has lost his 10 days old twins both girl and boy at the hospital. He also said that they came to BRD because they couldn’t afford 7000 Rs treatment in a private hospital.

Parents say that they are spending hours trying to get the doctor to attend their children, arranging medicines including Basic cotton gauze and glucose injection themselves, running around for blood and seeking answers, now waiting for their death certificates and post mortem.

The government has sent two ministers to BRD to examine the situation and investigate, and the principal of the collage is also removed due to cause of this incident. “Guilty would not be spared” said CM Yoginath.

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